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As the leader in the chiller industry, TopChiller has a very strong capacity of supplying all kinds of chillers, chiller units, and chiller systems to our customers.
On this page, you will have to look at the supplying capacity@TopChiller including chiller production capacity, chiller quality control system, chiller R&D capacity, and chiller-related exhibition & fairs.

We believe you will behave confidently with TopChiller products after going through the below content.

TopChiller Sufficient Chiller Production Capacity

TopChiller is specialized in manufacturing a full range of high-precision industrial chillers and air conditioning chillers including air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, screw chiller, and other chiller systems. We have a very strong production capacity for all kinds of chillers and chiller systems.

For decade years, TopChiller has become an outstanding manufacturer of industrial chillers with its unremitting pursuit of industrial refrigeration-leading technology, forward-looking ability to customer demand and industrial chiller trend, and with the design innovation of its industrial chillers, screw chillers, air chillers, water chillers, glycol chillers, oil chillers, process chillers, and other products.

With its breakthrough innovative technology, comprehensive and thoughtful service, and professional technical support, TopChiller has provided ten thousand customers with technical innovation, designed professional chiller and refrigeration solutions, and helped them achieve excellent status in their respective business fields. TopChiller will continue to serve chillers with a new attitude!

  • Chiller Production Capacity
  • Chiller Production Capacity
  • Chiller Production Capacity
  • Chiller Production Capacity
  • Chiller Production Capacity
  • Chiller Production Capacity
Data of TopChiller Production Capacity
  • Area: 38000 Square Meters
  • Factory: 2 factories in China
  • Office: 3 offices in China
  • Models: 850 chiller models
  • Capacity: 9000 chiller units/Year
  • Employees: 148 Staffs
  • Industry Served: 40 more
  • Annual Sales: US$35Million
  • 4 Production Lines;
  • 2 great Shear Machines;
  • 2 Bending Machines;
  • 2 Electric tube expander;
  • 3 Static Spray Moulding;
  • 6 Laser Welding Machines.

TopChiller Strict Chiller Quality Control System

As a professional chiller manufacturer, TopChiller adopts advanced production facilities and inspection equipment to ensure the excellent cooling performance and high quality of our chillers.

We have a complete chiller quality controlling system, all details from raw materials to finished products are strictly controlled.

A strong R & D capacity is always the source of TopChiller’s sustainable development and keeps fast-growing.

At present, TopChiller has a variety of automatic numerical control production and manufacturing equipment, testing methods, and a strong R & D team, so that our chillers can always be innovative and leading in the refrigeration industry, meet the needs of customers.

  • Chiller R & D capacity
  • Chiller R & D capacity
  • Chiller R & D capacity
  • Chiller R & D capacity
  • Chiller R & D capacity
  • Chiller R & D capacity
Date of TopChiller Quality Control
  • 1 National grade labs
  • 2 Well-know brands: TopChiller and BrightAC
  • 3 Offices in China and HongKong
  • 8 Quality Inspectors
  • 20 Top refrigeration brands support
  • 100 incoming inspection items
  • 12 Gas leakage testing machines
  • 52 Chiller production process
  • 96 Hours 80Bar Pressure Test
  • 72 Hours Chiller Running Test
  • 120 Top brand refrigeration parts
  • CE/SGS/ISO quality control system
  • 4 National Patents
  • 10000 Chiller units annually

TopChiller Powerful Chiller R&D Capacity

As the leader of the chiller field, TopChiller has a powerful R&D capacity with a strong technician team.

The chiller R&D center relies on the existing central air conditioning performance laboratory (certified by the National Compressor Refrigeration Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and has comprehensive performance testing capabilities for central air conditioning), with environmental testing devices, air volume measurement devices, chiller gas leakage test, high pressure/low-pressure test, wind pressure measurement devices, test cooling towers, electronic control test devices, equipped with more than 100 units centrifugal pumps, etc.

Also, the chiller R&D center relies on TopChiller advanced refrigeration technology and has 95 engineers, R & D designers, including 12 senior engineers, more than 50 intermediate engineers, and assistants. There are more than 33 engineers, and more than 10 visiting professors from many universities have been introduced to form an expert group to guide the TopChiller research and chiller technology development. It has trained more than 40 compound talents with both management and technology for TopChiller company.

Big Refrigeration Brands TopChiller Cooperating With

As the leading manufacturer and supplier in chiller and chiller systems, TopChiller has been established long-term business relationships with world-famous refrigeration brands.

These big refrigeration brands include Danfoss, Copeland, and Panasonic scroll compressors, Bitzer, Hanbell, and Fusheng screw compressors, Siemens, and Schneider electrical spare parts, Emerson, Danfoss, Alco expansion valve and drier filter, CNP and Minamotor water pump.

With decades of years of cooperation with these big brands, TopChiller is growing with them and has built a steady and long-term collaboration. We support each other in commercial business and technical study.

Now TopChiller has been their agent or distributor among these brands in China mainland. We do believe the harmonious relationship between TopChiller and Big refrigeration brands will last for a long.

This strategic partnership with Top refrigeration brands will guarantee our chiller quality from the source of raw materials, we are always providing high-quality products to our customers worldwide.

It’s a happy thing to be our customer and buy chillers from TopChiller because you have so many big brands’ background support and quality assurance.

Please contact us if you have any chiller or chiller system inquiries to get full support from TopChiller and Big brands.

Exhibitions & Fairs TopChiller Attended

TopChiller is a well-known chiller brand in the refrigeration machine field, besides developing high-quality chillers and chiller systems for customers, we have also attended some chiller-related exhibitions and fairs worldwide for many years.

These exhibitions and fairs are related to chiller applications including Plastic and Rubber machinery, MRI/CT medical machine, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Printing and Painting industry, CNC lathe, Beverage and drinking machines, Laser and welding machines.

During these chiller-related tradeshows, the TopChiller brand is known by ten thousand chiller end users. We are also providing high-quality chillers and the best chiller solutions for our customers suitable for their industrial applications.

Since 2003, we have had exhibitions in The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Chile, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE, and Mexico. We have met thousands of customers from different countries and have established a long terms business relationships with them.

As a professional chiller manufacturer and supplier based in China mainland, we are devoting our best to providing a complete line of high-quality chillers and chiller units to our valued customers.

We insist attend chiller exhibitions and fairs to close with our end users, just want to have some face-to-face opportunities for communication. If you have any fresh ideas or good suggestions about your local exhibition, please email us for further talk.

2013 Chinaplas in Shanghai China
2015 Indoplas in Jakarta Indonesia
2016 Chinaplas in Guangzhou China
2018 Plastex in Cairo Ggypt
2019 Philippines PPP in Manila Philippine
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