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TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of Soap&Chocolate Chiller

  • Cooling capacity from 5 ton-120 Ton
  • Temperature control ranges -10°C to 25°C
  • World Top Branded efficient compressor
  • Microcomputer temperature controller
  • Air and water-cooled efficient condenser
  • Stainless steel materials contacting with water
  • Highly efficient food graded heat exchanger
  • Warranty up to 24 months after purchase

Your Professional Soap&Chocolate Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

Soap& Chocolate Chiller is a cooling device that is used for soap and chocolate processing machines to cool heated liquid in molds ensuring précised shapes.

By using an air-cooled or water-cooled type condenser, Soap& Chocolate Chiller produces a cooling effect for soap/chocolate manufacturing.

TopChiller is the best leading manufacturer and supplier of Soap& Chocolate Chiller in China working since 1991 with world-appreciated fame and credentials.

By manufacturing a full line of varying capacity and high-quality Soap& Chocolate Chiller, TopChiller introduced the world’s top markets with the best chilling process to grow up soap and chocolate industry.

Branded compressor, food graded heat exchanger, air blower/water tank, air/water-cooled condenser, Power supply, temperature controller, heat and pressure-sensitive alarms, refrigerant, epoxy painted steel components, cooling tunnel rack, are main components of Soap& Chocolate Chiller.

TopChiller designed Soap& Chocolate Chiller is renowned for a variety of benefits as given below.

Soap& Chocolate Chiller is a specially designed cooling machine featured with chilled water circulation to absorb an excessive amount of heat from molded chocolates ensuring perfect shaping and quality.

TopChiller manufactured Soap& Chocolate Chiller ensures flawless and fluent performance configured by stainless steel Chiller compartments that are in contact with soap preventing corrosion and clogs in circulation.

Soap& Chocolate Chiller is equipped with counter-rotating stainless steel rolls with a spiral flow of chilled water that ensures steadfast heat exchange by absorbing heat from the heated liquid and transferring cooling effect for précised shapes of soap/chocolate products.

Closed water circulation and rotary joints of Soap& Chocolate Chiller enable equal water distribution and continuous water availability to soap plodder preventing from deforming of soap with quick servicing and mass production.

Soap& Chocolate Chiller provides energy-efficient and quality assured soap and chocolate production by using rotary compressors and condenser assisting required lower temperature to processing machine for best production.

Soap& Chocolate Chiller is used for different applications as:
Soap industry, chocolate processing, candies manufacturing, toothpaste manufacturing industries, soap press dies, packaging machines, curing processes, and molding industries, etc.

Are you looking for a precise chocolate and soap processing cooling machine to enhance your business?

Are you sourcing for a reliable Soap& Chocolate Chiller manufacturer in China to provide quality assured, molded, and precisely shaped soap/ chocolate products?

You are following the right track. TopChiller is the best-preferred company to choose from. Make contact with TopChiller experts without hesitating to get good best Soap& Chocolate Chiller for your application.

Our expertise is committed to giving good remarks about the best one Chiller regarding your requirements at suitable costs without taking much time.

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Soap&Chocolate Chiller Technical Specification
Model                                       ItemsTemp.TPL-3ALTPL-5ALTPL-6ALTPL-8ALTPL-10ALTPL-12ALTPL-15ALTPL-20ALTPL-25ALTPL-30ALTPL-40AL
Cooling CapacityKW
EvaporatorChilled Water
-10℃0.65  0.791.10
TypeShell and tube type/Plate type heat exchanger
Inlet/outlet pipelnch1″1″1″1″1-1/2″1-1/2″2″2″2″2-1/2″2-1/2″
Input powerKW3.184.865.617.259.410.913.518.822.5528.537.5
Max CurrentA7.81213.7182326.53346556991
Power Source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum + low noise external rotor fan
Water pumpPowerKW0.750.750.750.751.
Max liftm2020202020202020202520
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high / low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection
Net weight(KG)Kg13516521031045053075083592010801125
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature difference 3℃/8℃.
2, Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 30℃/38℃

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable Soap & Chocolate Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?

Experienced in Soap & Chocolate Chiller
Over 20 years rich experience of Soap & Chocolate Chiller manufacturing offering a complete of Soap & Chocolate Chiller designs and models to meet your special requirements.
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Our services including:Soap & Chocolate Chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, quality controller, delivery, Keep advising not just manufacturing.
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With rich experience of making Soap & Chocolate Chiller for your Soap & Chocolate Chiller applications can help to work out the correct Soap & Chocolate Chiller suitable for your demands,our high quality Soap & Chocolate Chiller will save your costs.
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We always take good care of your Soap & Chocolate Chiller order from design,raw material purchasing,manufactured,testing and delivery to make sure your Soap & Chocolate Chiller order making process are under control.
Global Chiller Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell your nearest seaport or airport name, we can arrange your Soap & Chocolate Chiller order at fastest shipping even can do door to door delivery.
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Other Product Types Related With Soap & Chocolate Chiller

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller – The Ultimate FAQ Guide by TopChiller.

What is a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is a cooling device that configures cooling effect to machines that are used for soap and chocolate production.

It works by releasing heat from molten chocolate /soap liquor in molds and converting them into solid-state with precise and regular shapes.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller produces a cooling effect by using chilled water circulation or glycol as a refrigerant.

It is highly optimized to absorb heat from molten solutions configured by the insulated body that resists high heat and prevents the unit from leakage or any other damages. It enhances product rate and quality by releasing different containments in solution with the support of roll mills and plodder.

What are the Main Components of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Hermetic Scroll Compressor

The scroll compressor is highly efficient and provides compression on refrigerant by its circular motion as one rotating scroll rotates around the fixed scroll enforcing coming refrigerant to circulate in chiller coils and tubes.

Air-Cooled/Water-Cooled Condenser

It contains a finned copper tube with an aluminum coating that prevents the condenser from heat damages providing high heating capacity.

The condenser discharges heat from the refrigerant and recirculates it for cooling.

Shell and Tube /Plate Type Heat Exchanger

It absorbs heat from chocolate/soap solution and transfers chilling effect for processing machine.


Evaporator gets heated by absorbing heat and converting liquid refrigerant into a gaseous state and transferring it towards the condenser for final heat discharge.

Rotary Joints

It configures equal water distribution around the instrument for providing consistent cooling.

What are the Basic Features of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

  • Energy-efficient world top branded compressor.
  • The compact design of the unit with easy installation.
  • Stainless steel body that is in contact with soap & chocolate.
  • All machine units are insulated with epoxy-painted carbon steel.
  • Variable speed adjustment concerning the frequency of roller.
  • Air-cooled /water-cooled large capacity condenser.
  • Easy to install both indoors and outdoors.
  • Closed water circulation.
  • Equal water distribution with rotor joints.
  • Stainless steel rolls configuring counter-current flow.
  • Water pump and water tank, and Refrigerant installation.
  • Flow switches, pressure /temperature multiple alarms.
  • Distribution unit & power supply.
  • PLC-based microprocessor temperature controller.
  • Rotor fan with condenser for pressure dissipation and sound absorption.
  • Protecting devices for over current/temperature/ pressure production.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What is the Working Principle of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is a precisely designed cooling machine that works on two basic principles as refrigeration and compression.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is featured with an energy-efficient scroll compressor that configures rotating force on the refrigerant and triggers it to speedily flow inside the unit for instant cooling.

Similarly, the evaporator and heat exchanger also supports the working of the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller by collecting heat from the system by refrigerant

Then it releases out by chilled water/air circulation around the condenser and consequently produces a chilling effect.

Why do you need a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is needed for attaining cooling effect as:

  • To provide a cooling effect for soap and chocolates liquid solution to solidify them and shape them.
  • To prevent the instrument from being damaged by releasing out a high amount of heat during the cooling of molded products.
  • For increasing product worth, quality, and production rate, a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is mandatory to use.
  • To increase the working efficiency and to lower the power consumption, it is necessary to install a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller for different machines used for soap and chocolate manufacturing.

How does a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller Perform its Function?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller executes cooling effect for different soap and chocolate products by following steps as given below:

  1. Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is filled with refrigerant that gets compression pressure from compressor and flows inside coils.
  1. By reaching the evaporator, the refrigerant collects heat from the heat exchanger and converts it into the gaseous state from its liquid state providing a cooling effect to the cooling jacket around the pelletizer and helping solidify products.
  1. The gaseous refrigerant flows towards the condenser and condensed back into a liquid by releasing heat in water/air circulation around the condenser.
  1. Expansion valves increase the volume by mitigating the pressure of the refrigerant and recycled it again in a unit for compression.

What are the Major Benefits of using Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller   has a large number of benefits for manufacturing of soap and chocolate products as:

  • Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller increases the shelf life of different fermentation and dairy products by regulating temperature at set points.
  • It prevents products and instrument molds from deforming by using a pelletizer.
  • Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller increases the quality of products by giving precise shapes and maintaining the taste of chocolate.
  • An increase in production rate is configured by the efficient and close circulation of chilled water around processing machines.

What is the Temperature Controlling Range of a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller designed configures the cooling effect for different industrial instruments used for the manufacturing of soap and chocolate products at the specific temperature-controlled range that varies from unit to unit.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller producing the chilling effect by water has temperature control range from 10°C to 15°C, especially for soap manufacturing.

While Die-Set Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller temperature control ranges from -15°C to -25°C.

How Air-Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is Different from Water Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller produces a cooling effect to the soap and chocolate manufacturing machines for instant and precise working.

Air-Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller ensures a cooling effect for the apparatus by using chilled water circulation to collect heat from the machine.

After collecting the heat transfer it to condenser coils surrounded by chilled air circulation.

Chilled air circulation absorbs heat and releases it out from the condenser and ultimately from the system.

While Water-Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller works on the same principle as an Air-Cooled.

But Water-Cooled discharge wasted heat from the system by chilled water circulating the condenser rather than air and refilling the water tank with chilled water.

How can you Size Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller for your Application?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can be sized for a specific application by keeping in view some basic points as:

Cooling Capacity

Check out the cooling capacity requirements of your application and select Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller accordingly.


Make your budget plan and choose a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller that will efficient and suitable for your budget.

Installation Space

Check and measure the environment where you want to install your application and size the unit compatible with environmental conditions.

Heat Load

Select the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller that can manage the heat load of your application.

How to Troubleshoot your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Sometimes Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller stops working by chance. So the problem should be troubleshoot by:

  • Checking distribution system that may be leaked at some point in coils or tubes.
  • Clogging or obstruction due to dust and other containments may cause a problem.
  • Make sure to clean tubes and replace the damaged portion with new tubes.
  • Check the main power connection or wires that may be damaged due to overcurrent flow and replace the wire or voltage level as per requirements.
  • Check the refrigerant flow rate and regulate automated control panel at set point for restoring chiller cooling operation.

How to Maintain your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller for Longer Service Life?

Data Logging and Temperature /Pressure Logging

Make sure to note the daily performance of each component of the unit and repair or replace the unit that gives poor performance.

The daily record supports the maintenance of the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller.


Clean up the whole unit on daily basis to release dust and debris for smooth flow and working.

Refrigerant level

Check out the refrigerant and water level before an operating unit daily and maintain it at the level of set point.

Filters Installation

Install filters for the filtration of water entering inside the unit from different sources.

Insulate the tubes and coilings with paint if paint gets damaged at any point.

How can you Increase the Working Efficiency of your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller working efficiency can be increased by cleaning tubes and coils on daily basis.

  • By using quality assured components for cooling purposes and installing refrigerant best suitable with the unit and processing machines.
  • Check out the working of all units regularly so that any damage may be examined initially and handled accordingly.
  • Lubricate the components for smooth operation and prevention from frictional damages.
  • Change the water circulation and refrigerant regularly, and prevents the unit from gathering debris with obstruction.
  • Inspect the counter flow of screw rolls and clean up the filters of rolling mills.

How does High Temperature Affect your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

High temperature inside the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller highly affects the consistent performance of your unit.

If temperature may increases from the heating capacity of the condenser unit, can damage the whole condenser or its some heat-sensitive parts.

High temperature decreases the service life of the Unit.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller with high temperature may cause leakage in the tubes and coils configuring refrigerant loss.

High temperature decreases the working efficiency of the compressor affecting motor fans and ultimately damaging product quality by not providing a cooling effect to machines.

Which Auxiliary Devices are used to Maintain the Efficient Operation of the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is featured with a different auxiliary component that enhances the working efficiency of the unit as:

Multiple Alarms

Alarms for pre-alert about fluctuations in current flow, refrigerant flow rate, and pressure changes.

Control Panel

It protects the temperature fluctuations.

High Pressure/Low-Pressure Controlling Device

These devices prevent tubes and coils from leakage.

PLC-Based Temperature Controller

The temperature controller regulates temperature at a set point before entering into the compressor.

Air Filters

Air filters help in removing dust and debris from the unit.

Pump Motor Starter with Circuit Breaker

It automatically cut off the power supply in an emergency.

Pump Control Switches

These switches use to ON and OFF.

Which Material is used for the Manufacturing of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller has a compact structure with high resistance to corrosion damages and.

The components of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller that come in direct contact with soap /chocolate solution are made of stainless steel and steel piping.

All other unit components and upper body is made of epoxy coated carbon steel having high resistivity against environmental harms and corrosion.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller condenser is made of copper and copper fins coated with aluminum providing larger room for high heat load and resistance.

What Causes Soap Bubbles to Expand in Refrigeration and How Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller Control it?

In soap production, Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is being used for cooling production, working on refrigeration and compression system.

During heat exchange, soap bubbles do expand in refrigeration by the entrance of gaseous molecules inside bubbles and provide expansion.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller prevent these bubbles from expansion by reducing pressure over bubbles by regulating temperature and decompresses the fluid smoothly.

Lower temperature and compression configures the reduction in surface tension and ensure the bursting of bubbles for precise soap production.

Why a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is Reliable to use?


It is flexible to accommodate different applications with high heating capacity and different models with different cooling capacities.

Quality Certification

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is awarded different international quality certificates increasing unit credibility.


Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller configures a long service life with a warranty of 24 months to ensure credentials and reliability among people.

Environment-Friendly Refrigerant

Installation configures the unit to operate fluently without frictional damages and clogging.

Easy installation

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can easily install both indoor/outdoor in the unit.

How do Compression and Refrigeration System Inside Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller Enhance your Product Rate?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller enhance the production rate of a processing machine producing soap/chocolate or any other molding product by working under refrigeration and compression principle.

The compression effect enforces refrigerant to flow speedily than before compressor installation.

While through the refrigeration process, Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller quickly absorbs heat from the system.

Then releases out ultimately reducing the time taken by machine to ready a product and conserves power extra consumption by the unit during processing.

Shell and tube type/plate heat exchanger speed up the refrigeration system for heating discharge.

How Many Types of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller are used in the Soap Industry?

Two types of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller are used based on working as:

  • Water Chiller
  • Die-Set Chiller

Water Chiller is used for cooling purposes for soap plodder and roll mills.

During soap production, a frictional force between rolls and soap produces a heating effect that is necessary to remove as heating decrease product rate and is released by the water chiller

Die-set Chiller is used to cool mold for maintaining the proper shape of products and prevents soap from sticking with the chiller.

Based on heat discharge by the condenser, Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can be categorized as:

Air-Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller 

Water-Cooled Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller 

How does a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller  Provide a Cooling Effect to Roll Mills & Soap Plodder?

Soap plodder and roll mills both are used for refining.

Soap plodder filters the soap and releases unnecessary molecules. It is covered with a cooling jacket and the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller provides a cooling effect by chilled water preventing product loss or decrease in production rate.

Roll mills consist of three rolls and do efficient working by maintaining the gap difference between rolls configured by Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller that provides cooling effect by releasing heat.

It enhances the production rate by maintaining a gap between the two last rotating rolls.

Soap that is gained after refining in mills is called soap flakes.

How can you Calculate the Cooling Capacity of a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

The cooling capacity of a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can be calculated by using a formula as given below:

Q = (Vip


Q=Heat transfer (BTU/hr)

V= flow rate of refrigerant(ft3/hr)

Cp= specific heat capacity

ρ = density of water(lb/ft3)

Simply by calculating the flow rate of fluid, heating capacity, and density, the cooling capacity of  Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can be calculated that will be in (BTU/hr).

Cooling capacity can be converted into KW and RT depending upon need and requirements.

What is the Function of Die-Set Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller in the Soap Industry?

Die-Set Chiller is designed to work at -15°C to -25°C temperature. Die-set Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is a type of chiller that configures chilled effect to cool the molds/die-sets.

Mould chilling prevents soap and chocolate products from deformation and makes it feasible for soap presses to operate steadily during molds freezing.

It also prevents the sticking of bar soap with the unit by maintaining a specific required temperature and ensures the safe extraction of products without any damage.

What are Some Leading Applications of a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is a highly energy-efficient and precise temperature regulating cooling device that is being applied in different applications for cooling purposes as:

  • Molding Industry

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is being used for injection molding and blow molding producing precise shaped products.

  • Packaging

It is used for different product packaging by regulating chilled temperature requirements.

  • Curing Processing

Polymers manufacturing and hardening process by using chemicals is stabilized by Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller.

  • Rolling Mills & Soap Plodder
  • Candies, Pastries, and Fermented Products

How does a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller Prevent your Products from Deforming?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is featured with temperature regulating PLC-based temperature controller, pressure and current regulating protection devices, as well as die-casting type unit installation.

These auxiliary units of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller ensure cooling of molds at regular temperature provided by chilled water circulation.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller pre-heats the molds for molten chocolate/soap and then freeze it at a specific set temperature.

Then ultimately providing bar soaps and chocolates ready for packing.

PLC temperature controller prevents unit and molds from overheating and pressure controlling devices prevent chiller from leakage and other damages.

How does a Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller Improve the Quality of your Products?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is being used for cooling production during chocolate and soap manufacturing to increase the production rate as well the quality of products.

It comes with rotary joints that ensure equal distribution of chilled water around the machine that produces heat.

Stainless steel rolls with counter-current flow ensure the instant release of heat from molds to shape products precisely without damaging quality and increase shelf life for packaging products.

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller regulates the temperature required by manufacturing machines and stabilizes the quality of products.

What is the Role of High/Low Switches in Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

High /low switches are equipped inside Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller for prevention of the unit from different damages that may occur by the change in current flow, fluid flow rate, the pressure of the refrigerant.

Pressure change can badly affect coils and tubing with leakage and refrigerant waste.

To prevent sensitive components of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller from all these effects, high/low switches are installed and manually directed at setpoint best suited for unit operation.

In an emergency, when temperature/pressure or flow rate of fluids cross the limit point, switches pre-diagnose it and cut–off the power supply for regulating the damage.

How to Install your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller can be installed by following steps as given below:

  • Check out and inspect all components of the Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller before installation.
  • Switch off the power button of the unit.
  • Place the unit with a machine/instrument which you want to cool.
  • Fill up the refrigerant inside the refrigerant tank.
  • Put cooling jacket around the instrument that is interlinked with chiller.
  • Check out all wires and pipes and ensure no leakage and holes.
  • Switch on the power supply and allow the unit to run for a while without dealing with heating load.
  • After some time starts your operational work using Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller for releasing heat from different applications.

Which is the Perfect Place for the Installation of your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is featured with compact design and stainless steel body material having high durability to bear temperature, resistance against harsh environment and corrosion damages.

So it can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

If you are dealing with an application releasing a large amount of heat then outdoor Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller installation will be more compatible as compared to inside.

Water-Cooled can be installed inside to deal with small-sized applications.

Which is the Best Way of Cleaning your Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller efficiently performs a chilling effect for different processing units, requiring prevention from scaling of dust, debris, and clogging inside coils and tubes.

So Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller must be cleaned according to the instruction mentioned by the manufacturer on chiller literature.

You can clean up the cooling tower with flushes of clean water.

Except for this, there are available specific branded cleaner machines designed for chiller long tubing and coils cleaning that effectively discharge dust with sucking pressure by air blow.

Daily cleaning maintains the speed and efficiency of the unit for proper cooling production.

What is Drum Flake /Pelletizer in Soap Chocolate Chiller?

The drum flake /Pelletizer is also called scroll chill rolls.

It is a peculiar designed cooling unit that solidifies soap liquid into soapflakes or other soap forms.

The palletizer performs its operation by using two stainless steel rolls that rotate in a counter-current way and process the liquid inside the machine.

The drum pelletizer is featured with a cooling jacket around the unit that provides a cooling effect to soap liquid and helps in condensing soap with specific shapes.

Rotary joints of pelletizer are configured for equalized water distribution around machine ensuring heat absorption accurately.

What Are The Limitations of Using Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller?

Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller is an energy-efficient unit executing instant cooling effect with optimal precision but it has some limitations as

  • High ambient temperature may affect the working efficiency of Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller by damaging different components of the unit and cooling producing pelletizer.
  • Pelletizer damage stops the further solidification process of soap/chocolate products causing sticking of the liquid with the unit that is not easy to remove.
  • Different Soap Chiller & Chocolate Chiller have different costs depending upon the features. Sometimes cost price may act as a limiting factor for sizing the chiller.
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