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TopChiller is supplying cooling efficiency water cooled scroll chiller with Danfoss and Copeland scroll compressor cooling capacity from 5Ton to 100Ton

TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of water cooled scroll chillers for you

  • Cooling capacity from 10 Ton to 120Ton
  • Temperature control from 7℃ to 35℃
  • High-efficiency shell and tube condenser
  • Good quality Copeland/Panasonic hermetic scroll compressor
  • Single/dual/triple refrigeration circuits available
  • Environment-friendly R407c or R134a, R410a
  • Energy-saving and easy installation&operation
  • 18 month warranty time after delivery

Your Premier Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China Over 20 Years

A water-cooled scroll chiller is one kind of water chiller that uses a scroll compressor and water-cooled type condenser,which is environment friendly.

TopChiller is a professional water-cooled scroll chiller manufacturer and supplier in China.

We have a complete lineup of various water-cooled scroll chillers from 5ton to 100ton with single, dual, or triple refrigeration circuits/compressors depending on your specific requirements.

High efficient water-cooled scroll chiller from TopChiller can help bring your operating budget in line.

All water-cooled scroll chiller units are among the most efficient, noise quiet, and quality reliable at TopChiller now.

High-quality water cooled scroll chiller designed and manufactured by TopChiller features some outstanding advantages as below:

1. A wide range of water-cooled scroll chillers is available for water-cooled, remote air-cooled, or evaporative condenser applications.

2. The Scroll compressor technology is quiet for installation in sound-sensitive environments, sound pressure levels as low as 72 dBA

3. Each water-cooled scroll chiller has Electronic expansion valves for accurate temperature control.

4. Energy efficiency factory-made tube-in-tube and shell and tube evaporators for our water-cooled scroll chillers.

5. Separate refrigeration circuits with each compressor, in case of one circuit is broken, the other circuits can still run without delay.

6. Each water-cooled scroll chiller with higher operational reliability and is fully automatic PLC-based.

7. Automatic and stepped capacity control with higher operational reliability.

Our water-cooled scroll chillers are widely used in various industrial processes and commercial applications.

If you want to buy high-quality water-cooled scroll chillers for your business.

Please contact TopChiller today to get the best price for your water-cooled scroll chiller.

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General Description:

A Water Cooled Scroll Chiller is an outstanding cooling unit that works through a refrigeration cycle to displace the heat produced in large industrial setups. Specific exothermic reactions occur, and the industrial equipment also has heat energy, which gets removed using water as the cooling agent.

Chilled water is circulated through the intricate system absorbing heat from its surroundings. This heat is later either dissipated into the environment or used in another helpful reaction.

The refrigeration cycle of the Water Cooled Scroll Chiller by TopChiller comprises top-quality components like evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and a well-developed distribution system.

A Water Cooled Scroll Chiller fabricated by TopChiller is guaranteed to have the most outstanding results due to highly advanced design and intelligent programming. Its applications include laser, hospitals, injection molding, plastic manufacturing, semiconductor, printing, and food.

TopChiller got formed to bring about the most unique and affordable Water Cooled Scroll Chiller. With many years of experience and learning, we have achieved our goal and received positive reviews worldwide.

For the safety of your application and precise temperature regulation for enhanced productivity, you should look no further and select one of the highly demanded and most appreciated Water Cooled Scroll Chiller by TopChiller.

Call our 24/7 active customer care service for further guidance and assistance choosing the reliable Water Cooled Scroll Cooling Solution.

Features and Advantages:

A Water Cooled Scroll Chiller by TopChiller has impressive features that add to the performance and efficiency:

  • A rust-proof shell tube exchanger made up of either nickel-copper or titanium. These metals are highly stable and protect against the reactive and oxidizing substances in the environment.


  • The scroll compressor offers silent operation, ideal for sensitive environments like hospitals. The sound pressure levels can be as low as 72 dBA.


  • The size of the shell and tube condenser is widely adjusted according to the load so that there is no blocking and occlusion due to insufficient water quality. Its design allows the water to flow without staying, thus lowering the chance of microbial growth, which gets favored in stagnant water.


  • Multiple scroll compressors get joined in a series for enhanced efficiency. It enables you to run the system for long hours without exhaustion.


  • A cooling tower, a buffer tank, and a powerful circulation pump can handle the heavy flow of water. The valves enable you to adjust the water pressure.
Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Technical Specifications
Model                                                       ItemsAW-3WAW-4WAW-5WAW-6WAW-8WDAW-10WDAW-12WDAW-15WDAW-15WTAW-20WD
Cooling Capacitykcal/h
Input PowerKW3.073.875.35.957.7510.611.916.2515.8519.71
Max CurrentA7.59.412.914.418,825.728.939.438.247.8
power source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / Thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserTypeShell and tube/ SS plate type heat exchanger
Cooling water
Inlet/outlet pipe (inch)1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″2″2″2″
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank with cooper coil / Shell and tube/Plate heat exchanger
Chilled water1.632.
Water tank(L)60606090150200200330330330
inlet/outlet pipe (inch)1″1″1″1″1-1/2″2″2″2″2″2″
Water pumpPower(kw)0.370.370.750.750.751.
Max lift(m)22223030252525282828
Max flow (m³)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Net weight(KG)125135160180230260330420420460
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, Chiller temperature control range 5℃/35℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.
Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Technical Specifications
Model                                                          ItemsAW-20WFAW-25WDAW-25WFAW-30WDAW-30WTAW-40WDAW-40WFAW-50WDAW-50WFAW-60WD
Cooling capacitykcal/h
Input powerKW20.423.82330.9930.6341.3139.5952.748.759.3
Max CurrentA48.561.76075.274.8100.396.6127.9119.7143.9
Power Source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlThermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserTypeShell and tube/ SS plate type heat exchanger
Cooling Water
 inlet/outlet pipe (inch)2″2″2 1/2″2 1/2″2 1/2″3″3″3″3″4″
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank with cooper coil / Shell and tube/Plate heat exchanger
Chilled Water
Water Tank (L)330350350450450580580620620620
inlet/outlet pipe (inch)2″2″2″2-1/2″2-1/2″3″3″3″3″4″
Water pumpPower(kw)
Max lift(m)28282830303030323232
Max flow (m³)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Net weight(KG)4606806807207208708709809801120
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, Chiller temperature control range 5℃/35℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?

Experienced In Chiller
Over 20 years rich experience of water cooled scroll chiller manufacturing offering a complete of water cooled scroll chiller designs and models to meet your requirements.
Full Solutions Provider
Our services including: water cooled scroll chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, chiller quality controlling, delivery, We keep advising not just chiller manufacturing
Reduce Your Costs
With rich experience of making water cooled scroll chillers for your industrial applications can help to work out the correct water cooled scroll chiller suitable for your needs, our high quality water cooled scroll chillers will save your costs.
Top Quality Chiller
We always take good care of your water cooled scroll chiller order from design, raw material purchasing,manufacturing,testing and delivery to make sure all water cooled scroll chiller making process are under control.
Global Chiller Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell your nearest seaport or airport name, we can arrange your water cooled scroll chiller order at fastest shipping even can do door to door delivery.
No Worries Service
World business trip/water cooled scroll chiller related exhibitions&fairs 2-3 times yearly can settle face to face meeting, 24*7*365 online service with fast feedback.

Help You to Find Other Types of Chiller Relevant to Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

Water Cooled Scroll Chiller: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about water-cooled scroll chillers.

Whether you want to learn about the working principle, optimizing performance, or components, you will find everything here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Water-cooled Scroll Chiller?

A water-cooled scroll chiller is a system chiller configured with a scroll-type compressor to cool water processes or glycol mixtures.

The scroll-type chiller may either have a single or multiple scroll compressor installed in one or more refrigerant circuits.

It all depends on the type and mode of operation of the chiller.

A scroll chiller has a wide variety of applications in industrial, home, office, and non-industrial settings.

A more general application of a scroll chiller is cooling and regulating air humidity, especially in buildings.

More conventionally, a scroll chiller is a vital component of the air conditioner.

Water cooled scroll chiller

Water-cooled scroll chiller

How Does a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller Compare to a Water-Cooled Screw Chiller?

The two types of chillers, i.e., water-cooled scroll chiller and water-cooled screw chiller, have a single significant difference in their application mode.

Firstly, scroll compressors are most prevalent with a small application, usually about under 30 tons of cooling specifications.

However, if your cooling requirements exceed the 30 tons limit, you need to evaluate a few factors.

Below are some crucial factors that would help in outlining the distinction between the two chiller types:

Scroll compressor chillers have Limited sizes: generally, the scroll compressors do not offer a considerable variation in sizes.

They only exist in limited sizes.

Nevertheless, with the continuous upgrade in technology, you may find extra dimensions, but the currently available scroll compressor is about 40HP.

It, therefore, means that if you need a large cooling capacity, you are free to choose a chiller with multiple compressors.

However, while that is a temporary relief, your choice is conditional; you should not have numerous compressors on a single circuit.

That is so because having multiple compressors on a single circuit may be a service overburden to your system.

Screw compressor chillers are suitable for large applications; currently, the available smallest screw compressors are 30HP while the largest ones range up to 400 HP.

Consequently, a screw compressor chiller is commonly a real industrial type chiller.

Scroll compressor chillers are compatible with small to medium applications; a typical scroll compressor is suitable for a small application process.

Usually whenever the sporadic time is less than 24 hours.

So typically, scroll compressors are small to medium-duty processes.

On the contrary, if you are considering operating your chiller continuously while fitting the load requirement of over 30 tons, a screw chiller would be handy.

The screw chiller types offer optimum cooling options, are serviceable, controllable, and have suitable operational ranges.

What are the Core Parts of a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Water-cooled scroll chillers, just like other conventional chillers, have four primary segments: evaporator, condenser, compressor, and refrigerant circuit.

· Compressor

Most chillers have a hermetic type scroll compressor.

The compressor is usually axially and radially inclined in a scroll design.

Most significantly, the entire compressor parts are dynamically and statically balanced.

Besides, the compressors do have a large internal volume to provide a better liquid tolerance.

And to cut off vibration to other chiller types, you should install the compressor on isolator pads.

· Evaporator

Every chiller model has a distinct type of evaporator.

The evaporator consists of tubes where the refrigerant flows while the chilled liquid flows through the shell.

The evaporator tubes and shells are compact and efficient at withstanding pressure.

Most importantly, manufacturers effectively design the evaporator per the Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) standards.

Moreover, the evaporator heat exchanger material comprises parallel-type stainless steel 304 plates.

· Water-cooled Condensers

The predominant condensers are a typical shell and tube type with retractable water heads.

Water flows through the tubes while the refrigerant passes through the circuits on the sides of shells.

Both the shells and tubes have a design capable of withstanding the liquid and refrigerant working pressure up to certain limits.

For example, 36.8 bar 10.3 bar, respectively.

Every circuit condenser has both relief and charging valves to hold the refrigerant charge. Besides, they have carbon steel-type shells.

Lastly, the fabrication standards follow the ANSI/ ASME pressure code standards.

· Refrigerant Circuit

A chiller may have solitary, double, or multiple refrigerant circuits depending on the model and type.

The entire pipping of the circuit is copper with brazed joints.

The circuit’s liquid line comprises sight glass with moisture indicator, shutoff valve, thermal expansion valve, and solenoid valve, amongst others.

· Cooling Tower

A water-cooled chiller has a compulsory cooling tower that expels heat from the water discharged from the condenser.

The cooled water gets channeled back into the system for re-cooling the system or otherwise released into the environment.

· Control/ Power Panel

Every unit of the water chiller has a control panel with a microprocessor that regulates the equipment’s functioning and operation.

The standard controls include automatic pump-down, unit alarm controls, mechanical, systematic optimization.

Most importantly, the automatic software programming for an automatic unit shall get installed in control to avert possible system failure.

The power panel contains the control platform for power sections for every electrical part of the system.

Which Accessories do You Need Alongside a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

For an additional level of flexibility, your water cooled scroll chillers may come accompanied with the following extras:

Dual point power; allowing two power sources for supplying power to each refrigerant circuit.

Wide range of electrical options; circuit breakers, non-fused disconnect switches, phase voltage monitors, additional overloads, etc.

Control options; E.M.S. interface, non-reversible heat pumps

A wide selection of languages for LCD and keyboard; English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, or French.

Noise reduction extras; compressor acoustic blankets and isolator pads.

Liquid flow detectors; flow switches, pressure differential switches, and valves.

Vibration isolators; spring isolators, seismic isolators, or neoprene pads.

Water cooled scroll chiller acoustic blankets

Water cooled scroll chiller acoustic blankets

What are the Features of Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Some of the main features of water-cooled scroll chillers are:

Flexible design; you can select a water-cooled scroll chiller then optimize it to meet your specific job application.

Luckily customization of the chiller is quick and straightforward when done by professional manufacturers.

Highly efficient compressor technology; if you properly select a hermetic scroll compressor, you will be destined for excellent part-load efficiency with your equipment.

Control technology; the chiller comes with fully installed onboard electronics that enable you to promptly and efficiently run the machine.

Above all, the controls perform smooth controls, self-diagnostic tests, and troubleshooting.

Quality Refrigerant; the scroll chillers use a highly efficient refrigerant with no ozone depletion and phase-out schedule.

Standards and qualifications; an entirely manufactured water cooled scroll chiller must conform to the pre-set standards and certifications.

Some of the renowned standards include ASHRAE Std. 90.1, AHRI 550/590, etc.

What are the Benefits of a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Perfect for retrofit; the scroll chillers are available up to 130 tons, which easily fit in a standard dimensional door of 3 feet high.

Besides, all the chiller’s controls are at a standard procedural height level to enable you to pass it via a door then up the staircase.

Reduced noise level; these chillers are available in some versions with quiet operations up to a low sound production of 72dBA.

With that level of sound, you will end up cutting costs on acoustic treatments and blankets.

High efficiency; all the scroll chillers offer peak full and part load efficiencies to cater to your needs regardless of their capacity.

More capacity for a variety of applications; the scroll chillers are available in a wide range of capacities to cater to application in a large variety of facilities, including hotels, schools, etc.

Multiple applications with a single unit; a fully optimized scroll chiller fitted with state of an art heat exchanger operates in various operational conditions at varying temperatures.

These chillers are reliable for comfort cooling, process cooling and changeover thermal storage, etc.

Suitable with small to medium applications; with cooling loads of less than 700 kW, you only need to acquire a scroll chiller to enhance your operation.

That level of cooling loads is prevalent in small to medium-sized buildings or facilities.

How Does Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Operate?

The operation begins with the refrigerant liquid at low pressure entering the evaporator tubes.

In the evaporator, the liquid gets super-heated and evaporated by the heat energy derived from the chilled liquid on transit through the evaporator shells.

Subsequently, a low-pressure vapor gains entry into the scroll compressors, whereby both the pressure and super-heat rise.

After that, the resultant high-pressure vapor passes via the condenser.

Meanwhile, the condenser water passing through the tube absorbs the heat from the steam.

The condenser water then exits to the cooling tower.

After that, the completely condensed and subcooled liquid exits the condenser then enters the expansion valve.

Here, the pressure continuously reduces, and further cooling occurs.

Finally, the now low-pressure refrigerant liquid goes back to the evaporator, and the process repeats itself.

Water Cooled Scroll Chiller working

Water cooled scroll chiller working

What are the Limitations of a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Some of the main limitations include:

A small range of capacities; the scroll chillers are available in versions of limited cooling loads, usually 200 tons.

Limited range of applications; unfortunately, scroll chillers are only limited to optimum and reliable use in small to medium-sized buildings that utilize up to 200 tons of refrigeration.

Require Constant water supply; for effective operation, you need a reliable continuous water supply; if you experience water shortages, it is not best for you.

How does Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Compare to an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Both the water-cooled scroll chillers and air-cooled scroll chillers have similar structural setup and build technology.

They similarly have a uniform range of cooling loads.

However, the main difference comes in their mode of operation.

Mode of operation, specifically, to cool the refrigerant; a water scroll chiller relies upon water for cooling while an air scroll chiller is entirely reliant on ambient air.

Coefficient of performance; typical water-cooled scroll chiller has a C.O.P ranging between 4.45 -6.2.  that of an air-cooled scroll chiller ranges between 3.2 to 4.86.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Air cooled scroll chiller

What are the Technical Specifications of Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

The scroll chiller’s technical specifications refer to the threshold that every chiller should certify according to pre-outlined guidelines and designs.

Some of the predominant technical specifications of the scroll chiller include:

  • Cooling capacity
  • Compressor input power
  • Integrated part-load value (IPLV)
  • Energy efficiency ratio
  • Operating weight(lbs)
  • Sound pressure (dBA)
  • Machine dimension (height, width, and length), amongst others.

Most importantly, you need to note that every chiller unit has its distinct technical specifications.

Therefore, for clarity, you need to always refer to more details from the technical documents.

Which Certifications and Quality Standards Mark Should Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Have?

For you to ascertain the authenticity and quality of the machines, verify if the device is compliant with the following standardizations:

  • ANSI/ASHRAE 15 Safety Code
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • ETL or ETL listing
  • National Electrical Code
  • AHRI certifications
  • ASHRAE Std. 90.1

P.S some of these standards may not apply in your geographical location due to differences in quality authentication bodies.

Why Should you Conduct the Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T.) for Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

F.A.T. is a procedural test conducted by technicians in the factory before shipping the equipment just after manufacture to assess its functionality.

Firstly, F.A.T.s is crucial for manufacturers to note any abnormalities or discrepancies in the machine’s operation.

The tests then assist the manufacturers in developing an updated action plan for handling any mishaps in the device.

The F.A.T. is significant to buyers and is crucial to manufacturers as it helps determine the machine’s suitability to operate before shipping.

Water cooled scroll chiller factory testing

Water cooled scroll chiller factory testing

How do you Conduct Water Treatment for Water Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Initially, you need to develop a chemical water treatment.

By so doing, you eliminate the chances of clogging and accumulation of contaminants in the tubes’ interior shells.

Such treatment eliminates scales, plugging, sludge, or even biological growth agents.

Failure to remove the contaminants will result in pipework corroding, which will inevitably cause a massive equipment failure.

Where Should you Install a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

The most appropriate and viable place for installing the water-cooled scroll chiller is an indoor setting.

Additionally, the location should be spacious enough to accommodate a temperature range of 4.4C to 50C.

You should provide an added clearance of about 3 ft on every side of the machine’s ends for piping works and servicing.

Better yet, it would be best if you allocated adequate clearance at the ends of the unit to enable you easily clean or remove the condenser tubes.

Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller indoor installation

Water-cooled scroll chiller indoor installation

What is the System Water Volume for Water Cooled Scroll Chillers?

The system water volume refers to the total capacity of the water present in the evaporator, associated piping works, and air carrying products.

You may wish to achieve typical and regular cooling.

That is, in applications in which the cooling load changes relatively slow.

In such situations, most manufacturers recommend the following: a least system volume of about twice or thrice the flow rate (G.P.M.).

For instance, a chiller with a flow rate of 120 GPM should have a minimum system volume of 240 to 360 gallons.

If the system water volume is too low, then the chiller may run into operational hurdles.

The problems may include:

  • Instant loading and unloading of compressors
  • Quick cycling of the compressor
  • Faulty refrigerant flow
  • Unreliable motor cooling
  • Generally shorter lifespan of the equipment

How do you Regulate Evaporator Variable Flow for Water Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Whenever regulating the variable flow, ensure that flow change is at most 10 percent of the change per minute.

Always reduce the evaporator variable according to the minimum rates listed in the evaporator pressure drop tables.

By effectively reducing the evaporator flow in tandem with the load, you will significantly reduce your power consumption levels.

Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller Shell and Tube

Water-cooled scroll chiller shell and tube

How do You Determine the Capacity of a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Determining a water-cooled scroll chiller’s capacity is quite simple; you only need to follow a formula precisely.

All that depends on you having the pre-requisite facts to calculate the chiller capacity.

Below are the details you have to get at hand before your calculation:

  • The inlet water temperature
  • The exact water temperature you need
  • The rate of flow.

With that then proceed to apply the following formula: Q = ṁ x Cp x ΔT

Water cooling scroll chiller

Water cooling scroll chiller

How do You Customize Water Cooled Scroll Chillers?

You can tweak the scroll chiller’s performance by adding extras to the system to fit your specific application.

Below are a few ways to customize your chiller system:

  • Install the machine with a spring or rubber in shear to cut off vibration and noise transmissions.
  • Connect the system to a dual power supply, each to a single refrigerant circuit.
  • Ice storage compartment to cut down energy costs.
  • Inclusion of a phase voltage monitor to sense and avert unwanted electrical faults.
  • Attach insulated acoustic wraps to your chiller’s compressor in cases where you work in a sound-sensitive surrounding.
  • Insulate your evaporator using double layers for sufficient ice storage.

Which Safety Features do Water Cooled Scroll Chillers Have?

Every unit of the scroll chillers have three distinct types of safety devices;

i. General Safety Devices

The device’s safety would completely shut down the circuits then stop the whole system.

A classic example is the emergency stop button.

ii. Circuit Safety Devices

These level safeties only shut down the affected circuits that they protect while exempting the rest.

iii. Component Safety Devices

Such safety with this level will only stop a component from operating if the situation may cause lasting damage to the equipment.

Some of those devices include:

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Excess temperature protection
  • Phase reversal
  • Flow switch
  • Freezing protection
  • Low/high-pressure protection
  • Relief safety valve, etc.

Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller water flow switch

Water-cooled scroll chiller water flow switch

Which Type of Refrigerant does Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Use?

The most prevalent refrigerant types with the water-cooled scroll chiller include:

  • R-410 A Refrigerant.
  • HFC-410 A Refrigerant
  • R22 and R12

What are the Applications of Water-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Some of the applications include:

  • Comfort cooling
  • Changeover thermal storage
  • Low-temperature brine cooling
  • Process cooling
  • Non-reversing heat pump.

Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller often used in the manufacturing industry

Water-cooled scroll chiller often used in the manufacturing industry

How Much Energy Does a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller Use?

The water-cooled scroll chillers consume energy differently depending on the machine type/ model and applications.

Some chillers are essentially energy savers, while others have an optimized system to cut down energy use.

Moreover, the chiller would consume energy depending on your application type-some cooling processes consume lots of energy.

Nevertheless, the chillers consume energy per ton of cooling.

How do You Install a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

You can follow these steps to install water cooled scroll chiller system.

i. Attach the scroll on a concrete foundation and, if need be, add some supports.

ii. To achieve maximum results, always install the chiller indoors.

iii. Ensure that the room temperature is modest, ranging from 40 F to 122 F.

iv. Remember to provide adequate clearance of about 3ft to the chiller’s side and back.

v. Leave a sufficient overhead clearance on top of the machine.

vi. Mount vibration isolators on compressors and pipes if you need a noise-free application.

Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller installation

Water-cooled scroll chiller installation

How do You Troubleshoot a Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

ProblemPossible causes
freeze statPoor flow of water

Thermostat set very low

Low-pressure tripLow level of refrigerant

no /low water

Water filter clogged

High-pressure tripMineral build-up in the condenser

Insufficient flow of water in the condenser

Fuses blewShorted motor
Thermostat setpoint not reachedInternal icing in the evaporator

Large system load

No-cooling / inadequate coolingPossible leak of refrigerant

Varying line voltage

Iced Evaporator

P.S always checks the machine’s technical documents for a comprehensive view of troubleshooting.

How can You Optimize Water Cooled Scroll Chiller Performance?

First off, to optimize your chiller, you have to gather your components system’s reliable and timely data.

That process is rigorous, though; the good news, you may incorporate the Internet of Things to help you gather accurate system data.

After that, set out your optimization goals and roadmap

With the necessary data, you may optimize your chiller by chiller sequencing, altering set points, balancing the load, cooling tower management, etc.

Depending on your unique specifications and requirements, TopChiller designs and manufactures a range of chillers systems.

Whether you need air cooled water chiller, air chiller, water chiller, or water-cooled water chiller, TopChiller offers a perfect solution.

Contact us now for all your water-cooled scroll chillers.

100% quality tested water cooled scroll chiller

100% quality tested water cooled scroll chiller

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