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TopChiller high quality air cooled scroll chiller with Danfoss or Copeland scroll compressor cooling capacity from 5Ton to150Ton

TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of air cooled scroll chillers for you

  • Cooling capacity 5 Ton to 100 Ton
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃
  • Air-cooled type condenser
  • Danfoss and Copeland scroll compressor
  • Single/Dual/Triple refrigeration circuits
  • High-efficiency PHE / Shell & Tube type heat exchangers
  • Electronic expansion valves for accurate temperature control
  • Easy installation, operation and low maintenance cost

Your Premier Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

An air-cooled scroll chiller is one kind of air chiller that adapts a scroll compressor and air-cooled condenser.

TopChiller is a professional air-cooled scroll chiller manufacturer and supplier in China with over 20 years of experience.

As a leading scroll chiller company, TopChiller has a complete of various air-cooled scroll chiller models/capacities from 2ton to 100ton with single, dual, or triple refrigeration circuits to meet your specific cooling requirements.

Air-cooled Scroll Chillers are known for high energy efficiency. These are specially designed by Topchiller to work well within the extreme tropical weather conditions. The chillers are tested in compliance with the international standards of the industry. These are operation friendly and easy to install. The chillers come with numerous compressor configurations. Every compressor is working by an individual refrigeration circuit. This separate refrigeration circuit makes its maintenance easy. The equipment contains water pump and storage tank .

High-quality air cooled scroll chiller designed and manufactured at TopChiller features some outstanding advantages as below:

1. Our air-cooled scroll chiller uses the US and Japan imported top brand hermetic scroll type compressor -Copeland, Danfoss, and Hitachi, this scroll compressor features high efficiency, best cooling performance, low vibration, and long service time.

2. Air-cooled scroll chiller manufactured by Topchiller is a super quiet operation with sound pressure ratings as low as 60 dBA, without any optional acoustic treatment.

3. High-efficiency air-cooled type condenser with a built-in water tank and water pump as the standard configuration.

4. Each air-cooled scroll chiller is charged with responsible refrigerants, R134a, R407c, or R-410A, which has no ozone depletion potential and no phase-out schedule.

5. Our air-cooled scroll chiller is ideal for retrofit since a compact chiller unit footprint can save installation space and costs.

6. Easy installation, operation, and maintenance to save you the owner’s money.

Our air-cooled Scroll chillers offer a combination of high efficiency, low sound levels, and compact size are widely used in various industrial and commercial applications including:

1. Machine Tools –By using air cooled scroll chiller will extend the life of your machine tools and improve the quality of your cutting and machining with adequate cooling from our air-cooled scroll chiller.

2. Plastics machines Injection, Extrusion, and Blow molding also use air-cooled scroll chillers, which can properly cool the quality and consistency of your plastic manufacturing and processing. Guarantee reliable cooling and reliability with our air-cooled scroll chillers.

3. Laser machine – Accurate laser cutting and welding requires tight temperature controls and removal of excess heat. We have a wide range of air-cooled scroll chillers capable of maintaining all of your laser applications at the right temperature.

4. Water Jet – You need reliable water chilling to keep your water jet cutting equipment at optimal operating temperature. Avoid damage to your parts and equipment with one of our air-cooled scroll chillers for consistent and dependable water jet cooling.

5. Air-cooled scroll chiller can also be used in plating & Anodizing tank/rectifier cooling. Your process is designed to work in a very narrow temperature range, and over-temperature conditions can damage your equipment and adversely affect the quality of your plating and anodizing.

TopChiller is providing a complete lineup of air-cooled scroll chillers to our customers.

If you are searching for a high-quality air-cooled scroll chiller manufacturer, Please contact our sales to get the best price for your air-cooled scroll chiller today.

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General Description:

An Air Cooled Scroll Chiller is a self-contained and completely automatic cooling unit that uses scroll compressors for removing heat from industrial machinery and space. The heat removed is then released into the outside environment.

It uses two interleaving scrolls for compressing the refrigerant. Every compressor has an individual backup refrigeration circuit which helps in easy maintenance.

An Air Cooled Scroll Chiller fabricated by TopChiller comprises various air-cooled condensers with integral sub-cooler sections. It also has dual or more hermetically scroll compressors that are easily accessible. Other components contributing to its working include electronic expansion valves, high-efficiency evaporator, variable speed drive (VSD), heat exchanger, and fan motor.

TopChiller provides different Air Cooled Scroll Chiller models that control heat production in various applications. These include industrial and commercial facilities, office buildings, heat recovery, ice making, low-temperature processing, and thermal storage.

TopChiller has supplied highly-efficient Air Cooled Scroll Chiller varieties throughout the globe for the past 20 years. We ensure that every scroll cooling system we deliver is entirely functioning and efficient.

If you also want to get a budget-friendly and durable scroll cooling source that can manage high heat load has adequate flow rate and temperature, then TopChiller is your best fit.

Talk to our solution consultant, and let them know your particular Air Cooled Scroll Chiller demands. We will deliver it to your doorstep.

Features and Advantages:

The Air Cooled Scroll Chiller provided by TopChiller has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • Internally grooved tubes are installed in the evaporator at a helical angle to promote the side heat transfer performance of the refrigerant. A high-performance compressor allows low noise and low vibration and ensures economical operation.


  • An advanced control algorithm is installed in it already that offers excessive stoppage protection. It also has a highly integrated motherboard for reliable and robust functioning.


  • For the same footprint, a large transfer surface area is achieved by a V-shaped condenser in the case of an optimally designed configuration. Its modern condenser fin geometry is excellent for maximum heat transfer performance when low air pressure. This also decreases the consumption of fan motors.


  • The remote monitoring function and linkage control ensure the safe running of the system. This further helps in easy maintenance and operation.


  • R410A refrigerant is used because it is eco-friendly and protects the environment without harming the ozone layer. This makes it compliant with the Montreal Protocol for ozone layer protection.
Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Technical Specifications
Items                              ModelAC-0.5AAC-1AAC-1.5AAC-2AAC-2.5AAC-3AAC-4AAC-5AAC-6AAC-8ADAC-10ADAC-12ADAC-15AD
Cooling capacityKcal/h
 Input powerKW0.881.3522.252.663.274.075.756.458.2511.512.917.45
Max CurrentA5.48.21213.
Power source1PH~220V/3PH~220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic RotaryHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m3/h)750100015002000250030004000500060008000100001200015000
Air blower(KW)×20.14×20.19×20.19×20.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×2
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil / shell and tube type / Plate type heat exchanger
 Chilled water
Water tank(L)10.618.3272750506060110120200200270
Inlet/outlet pipe
(inch) i
Water pumpPower (kw)0.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.750.750.751.51.52.2
Max lift(m)22222222222222303025252528
Max flow (m3)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Dimension L(mm)550550600600720980980115011501350150015001860
Net weight(KG)45628595125152175185215283345382580
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, 12℃/7℃.Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, 33℃/38℃.Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.
Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Technical Specifications
Items                               ModelAC-15ATAC-20ADAC-20AFAC-25ADAC-25AFAC-30ADAC-30ATAC-40ADAC-40AFAC-50ADAC-50AFAC-60AD
Cooling capacityKcal/h
Input powerKW17.121.732225.424.833.3933.144.9143.357.35465
Max CurrentA43.252.753.363.761.38180.2109106135.5128.5135
Power source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / Thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserTypeEfficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m³/h)150002000020000250002500030000300004000040000500005000060000
Air blower(KW)0.6×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.42×60.42×60.6×60.6×60.78×60.78×60.78×6
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil/ shell and tube type/Plate type heat exchanger
Chilled water
Water tank(L)270350350350350420420580580580580580
 inlet/outlet pipe
Water pumpPower(kw)
Max lift(m)282828282830303030323232
Max flow (m³)
Safety devicesCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Net weight(KG)58065065081081089089011121112132013201320
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?

Experienced In Chiller
Over 20 years rich experience of air cooled scroll chiller manufacturing offering a complete of air cooled scroll chiller designs and models to meet your requirements.
Full Solutions Provider
Our services including: air cooled scroll chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, quality controller, delivery, Keep advising not just manufacturing.
Reduce Your Costs
With rich experience of making air cooled scroll chillers for your industrial applications can help to work out the correct air cooled scroll chiller suitable for your needs,our high quality air cooled scroll chillers will save your costs
Top Quality Chiller
We always take good care of your air cooled scroll chiller order from design, raw material purchasing,manufacturing,testing and delivery to make sure all air cooled scroll chiller making process are under control.
Global Chiller Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell your nearest seaport or airport name, we can arrange your air cooled scroll chiller order at fastest shipping even can do door to door delivery.
No Worries Service
World business trip/air cooled scroll chiller related exhibitions&fairs 2-3 times yearly can settle face to face meeting, 24*7*365 online service with fast feedback.

Help You to Find Other Types of Chiller Relevant to Air Cooled Scroll Chiller

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When you evaluate all the vital aspects of air-cooled scroll chillers, you will definitely get high-performance accessories for your applications.

This guide will answer all the vital questions you have been asking about air-cooled scroll chillers.

From basic definitions, working principles, to optimizing the chilling process – you will find all information you’re looking for right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Air-cooled scroll chillers are automatic, complete, and standalone refrigeration units.

You can configure them with two or more hermetically scroll compressors and air-cooled condensers.

The units may have multiple air-cooled condensers depending on the chiller model and application.

Besides, the condensers have integral sub-cooler compartments, highly efficient evaporators, and electronic expansion valves.

Air-cooled scroll chillers have a wide range of applications, including incorporating the chiller system in air conditioning units.

Moreover, the chillers are applicable in industrial and non-industrial set-ups (offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.)

Air-cooled scroll chiller

Air-cooled scroll chiller

How does Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Compare to Air-Cooled Screw Chiller?

Both the Air-cooled scroll and screw chillers perform similar functions with the same modes of applications.

However, the significant difference between the two sets of chillers lies in the compressor modes of working techniques and other factors outlined below.

Cooling capacity; if you need a chiller for a small cooling capacity, then a scroll compressor is worth the investment.

However, if your cooling capacity is enormous, then you should consider investing in screw compressor chillers.

Generally, scroll compressors are efficient with applications that require small cooling loads, while screw compressor chillers are compatible with great cooling demands.

Sizes of the chillers; Air-cooled scroll chillers have limited sizes even with the rapid improvement in technology.

Currently, you will only get scroll compressors up to about 50 HP.

An alternative to that limitation is installing multiple compressors in the circuit to get a larger cooling load.

Even though that’s a temporary solution, it has a share of its blame.

Installing multiple compressors on a single circuit may hamper your system’s performance.

Ultimately, if you need a large cooling capacity, you should readily consider having a screw chiller type.

Flexibility; generally, scroll compressor chillers are incredibly flexible and compatible with a wide range of condensers up to a power limit.

Elsewhere, manufacturers consider screw compressor chillers as being traditionally ideal for industrial applications compared to small-scale applications.

Run times; definitely scroll compressors can operate sporadically for small cooling loads but for a run time of fewer than 24 hours/ day.

On the other hand, screw compressor chillers have a longer continuous run time of 24 hours per day for a week.

Better still, the screw compressors are medium to heavy-duty chillers, while scroll compressors are purely small to medium-duty chillers.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Air Cooled Screw Chiller

What are the Parts of Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Air-cooled Scroll compressors have the following primary components:

  • Hermetic scroll compressors
  • Air-cooled condensers
  • Electronic Expansion valves
  • Efficient Evaporator
  • Refrigerant circuit
  • control/ power panel

Hermetic Scroll Compressors

The chillers have unique suction gas-cooled hermetic scroll compressors, which have a scroll design in both axial and radial directions.

For better efficiency, the compressor has all rotating parts statically and dynamically balanced.

Better still, the compressor has a large internal capacity and oil reservoir, which provide higher liquid tolerance.

The compressor has solid crankcase heaters to cushion the system against liquid migration,

Air-cooled Condenser

The scroll chiller’s Condenser is Air-cooled and consists of fins and tube coils.

Besides, the Condenser has low sound-emitting fans and motors.


Every model of the Air-cooled scroll chiller has a distinct type of evaporator.

The evaporators comprise a network of tubes in which the refrigerant flows, whereas the chilled liquid flows via the shells.

Both the evaporator and shells have compact walls to withstand high pressure.

The material of the heat exchanger is stainless steel 304 plates.

Refrigerant Circuit

Depending on your application and the chiller model, there could be single, double, or multiple refrigerant circuits.

Most often, the circuit material is copper with brazed joints.

Control/ Power Panel

The scroll chiller’s electrical panel may comprise circuit breakers, transformer, correction capacitors, and disconnect switches.

So then you will conduct all the power controls and regulations from the electrical compartment.

Conversely, the control panel consists of ambient kits, language LCD and keyboard display, discharge/ suction pressure transducers, and readout capability.

Air cooled scroll chiller Hermetic scroll compressor

Air cooled scroll chiller hermetic scroll compressor

How Does an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Work?

The operation of the chiller begins with the low-pressure refrigerant liquid gaining entry into the evaporator tubes.

As the chilled liquid moves in the evaporator shells, it emits heat energy, which super-heats the refrigerant liquid and evaporates.

After that, the now highly heated vapor at low pressure enters the scroll compressor.

There, the vapor’s pressure and temperature subsequently increase.

From the Condenser, the resultant vapor passes through the Condenser.

In the process, the water flowing via the Condenser in the shells takes up the accumulated heat from the vapor.

In the Condenser, there is a combined system of fans that blows ambient air into the Condenser to cool down the refrigerant.

Meanwhile, the entirely cooled condensed and sub-cooled liquid departs the Condenser into the expansion valve.

While in the Condenser, further cooling happens as the pressure decreases.

Lastly, the now low-pressure refrigerant liquid gets into the evaporator, and the process continues.

Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Working Circut

Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Working Cricut

What are the Features of Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

High reliability and operation; the Air-cooled scroll chillers are most prevalent for their excellent reliability and high performance for both industrial and commercial sectors.

Besides, the machine maintains a very slim tolerance ensuring that it achieves a high level of efficiency.

Above all, the chiller has robust components with high precision skills to increase the machine’s durability.

Highly Efficient; the chiller comprises interior grooved tubes with a spiral design to improve good heat transfer from the refrigerant.

Some of the typical condensers have V-shaped systems to increase heat transfer’s surface area, especially whenever optimized.

Again, the chiller has an axial and radial compressor design to improve its efficiency and performance.

Low level of noise and vibration; the system has a compact structure together with a robust assembly.

The condenser fans have axial wing designs and a directly driven motor for a low noise production level.

Easy to install; the chiller units come when already pre-wired, charged, and tested at the factory, thereby saving on start-up time and installation.

Vast operational range; the Air-cooled chiller has different ambient cooling temperatures and a subsequent ambient heating temperature.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant; the chillers come readily built with an eco-friendly refrigerant that poses no threat to the environment and the ozone layer.

How does an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Compare to Water Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Both two chiller types serve similar functions and roles with similar technological control and configuration.

Nevertheless, they are far worlds apart; below is a summarized outline of the difference.

Operational technique; Air-cooled and water-cooled scroll chillers have Air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers, respectively.

Therefore, the Air-cooled type relies on ambient air for cooling, while the water-cooled type depends on the cooling tower.

Efficiency; generally, water-cooled scroll chillers are more efficient at cooling compared to the Air-cooled type.

Coefficient of performance; typical water-cooled scroll chiller has higher COPs than the air-cooled type.

Their COPs range between 4.45 to 6.2, while the air-cooled type has their values at 3.2 to 4.86.

Water cooled scroll chiller

Water cooled scroll chiller

What are the Technical Specifications of an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

The typical technical specifications of the chiller include:

  • Cooling capacity
  • Integrated part-load value (IPLV)
  • Energy efficiency rating
  • Operating weight(lbs)
  • Sound pressure (dBA)
  • Machine dimension (height, width, and length), amongst others.
  • Compressor input power.

The above specifications are only limited to particular chillers; still, the list is not entirely exhaustive.

Above all, always ensure that you review your chiller’s technical documents to know your machine.

How do You Select a Suitable Air Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Use the following guideline before settling on a single unit.

1. Verify the machine’s usage state; before deciding on which model to pick, weigh the following parameters against your expectations.

Firstly, the chilled water inlet/ outlet temperature and the amount of chilled water flow.

2. Select a competitive model; calculate your cooling load capacity, select a suitable model based on specifications and performance.

Whenever choosing a competitive model, always remember to pick a unit with a similar or more significant volume than your rated capability.

3. Conduct a performance adjustment for fouling; you need to analyze the product’s manual to understand the machine’s fouling coefficient.

4. Make a Performance adjustment; first, you should add freeze and burst prevention solutions to the machine.

If you conduct cooling in winter or case, you failed to extract the device’s water while it was in a resting phase.

Nevertheless, you have to underline that the freezer’s characteristics alternate after adding the solution, so you should adjust it appropriately.

5. Final determination; analyze the model’s performance and power consumption.

If you find no fault, you may pick the product; alternatively, you may review the model right from step two in case of any issue.

What Kind of Factory Testing does Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Undergo?

An Air cooled scroll chiller at the factory undergoes a holistic kind of factory test to determine its efficacy and efficiency.

The factory test is otherwise widely known as the unit performance test.

The primary focus of the test is to confirm the functionality of the system.

Most manufacturers have gone ahead to incorporate high-tech into the tests by establishing programmable kinds of testing.

Such tests check all the device’s components, including sensors, electronics, wiring, and microprocessor control functions.

Among the factory’s several benefits, tests include confirmation of performance, possible avert of functional faults, and a smooth start-up and operation guarantee.

The technicians have to test and run every scroll compressor to check its capacity and efficiency.

Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller testing

Air-cooled scroll chiller testing

What are the Standard Quality Certifications for Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers

At manufacturing, the technicians perform several tests, designs, ratings, and certifications for the chiller.

Therefore, air-cooled scroll chillers should adhere to the sections of the following minimum threshold certifications and standards:

  • NFPA 70 ( National Electric Code)
  • ASHRAE 90.1 – Energy Efficiency Compliance.
  • AHRI 550/ 590 and 551/ 591 Air-cooled chilling packages.
  • ASHRAE/ ANSI Standard 15 for mechanical refrigeration.
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure vessel code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Intertek listing and Labeling (ETL).
  • ARI Standard 550/ 590 latest rating.
  • OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Heat exchangers listing with Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • You should only buy chillers manufactured in an ISO9002 Registered Facility.

What is the Most Suitable Refrigerant for Use in an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

An appropriate refrigerant for use with the chiller should possess the following minimum conditions:

Environmentally friendly; the refrigerant needs to have an ODP of 0, global warming potential (GWP) of below 0.2, and reduce the environment’s impact.

Therefore, the common refrigerants are R410A, R407C, R22, amongst others.

Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller refrigerant

Air-cooled scroll chiller refrigerant

Where Can You Install Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

It is advisable to install your chiller unit at best outdoors to get access to fresh ambient air since it relies upon it for ventilation.

Besides, you would not need a large space; most retrofit applications would need a small operating footprint.

Above all, you need to analyze the following guidelines before settling on a definite set-up point.

  • Choose a location with enough supply of fresh air for the Condenser.
  • Keep off from sites beneath windows or in between buildings that are sensitive to noise.
  • You may choose to install the chiller on a roof or ground level.
  • If you are operating in an area prone to chemical pollution, you should use corrosive-resistant fins. They may incorporate copper fins, epoxy coated fins, or cured epoxy coated fins.

Can You Install Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers on Roof?

Absolutely yes, you can install the roof equipment, as long as that roof can sustain and support the device’s weight.

However, please note the following when doing a roof installation:

  • Select a specific point on the roof, capable of withstanding the equipment and personnel weight combined.
  • Be cautious enough not to damage the roof when installing the machine.
  • Include spring-type isolators to reduce the transmissions of vibrations into the structure of the building.

Air cooled scroll chiller installed on the roof

Air cooled scroll chiller installed on the roof

 Can You Install Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers on a Ground-Level Location?

It is proper to install the chillers on level ground.

But still, you have to consider the following measures.

  • Install the unit on a substantial firm base without initiating a liquid strain, thus resulting in a potential leak.
  • You may add a uniform concrete slab that has footers extending beneath the frost line. Still, do not tie the slab to the building’s major foundation to avert the telegraphing of noise.
  • Bolt the chiller on the steel channel using mounting holes.
  • Make allowances for precautions to avert possible injury or tampering by unauthorized persons. Such measures may include adding unit enclosures, fenced-in enclosures, or locking the device on the panels.

Air cooled scroll chiller installed on the ground

Air cooled scroll chiller installed on the ground

 What is The Capacity Range for Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Remember, as we earlier noted, scroll chillers do not withstand bulky cooling loads; that is why they do have limited capacity.

An optimum capacity range for the chillers is about 10 tons to 65 tons.

How Do You Install an Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller?

Installation of a chiller is a critical step that should only be undertaken by qualified and authentic contractors or personnel.

Nevertheless, below are some of the necessary steps that you would follow together with an installer contractor.

Step one; General Installation – fit and install the equipment by following the manufacturer’s pre-set conditions, project drawings, and other documents.

Step two; Site determination – place the chiller just the same way indicated in the drawings.

Provide clearance for service and maintenance according to manufacturers’ requirements.

Carefully adjust and level up the machine on the support structure.

Step three; Components– the contractor should be capable of issuing and installing the entire auxiliary devices for an utterly operational chiller.

Step four: electrical installation– assist the contractor in coordinating all the electrical connections and requirements for the whole power feed.

Step five: Control; organize every control requisites and connection.

Step six; Finishing– the contractor shall finally paint all the irritated or damaged sections using touch-up paint similar to the factory finish.

Air cooled scroll chiller installation

Air cooled scroll chiller installation

Do Air Cooled Scroll Chillers Have Microprocessor-Based Controllers?

Yes, most of the automatic scroll chillers have microprocessor-based controllers special in design with several features and advantages.

The controller has three standard modes of operation, which include:

  • Local mode for start/ stop control functions.
  • The remote mode has a remote start/ stop function via a digital input.
  • BMS mode: building Management System.

Besides, the microprocessor ensures that there is a uniform runtime of compressors.

Expressly, for machines with multiple compressors, then the microprocessor would guarantee smooth and equalization runtime.

The ultimate benefit with such a feature is a prolonged life service of the microprocessor.

What Safety and Protection Features Does Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller Have?

Air-cooled scroll chillers have safety features in the following chiller operational processes and compartments.

Refrigerant pressure – high-pressure switch and high voltage sensor

Temperature – chiller and burst protection sensor, Power module application sensor, IPM temperature detector,

Chilled water flow – water flow switch

Voltage and current – Fan motor excess current protection, compressor extra current protection, voltage checking system.

Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller high-pressure switch

Air-cooled scroll chiller high-pressure switch

How Do You Optimize the Working of Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers?

Optimization of a chiller system involves a multi-dimensional approach that you have to undertake and deliver appropriately holistically.

And the process should begin with an evaluation of the system’s performance level.

More specifically, it incorporates a comprehensive analysis of the entire chiller’s energy consumption level in kW/ ton.

IoT is a crucial player in the optimization procedure.

The data-driven from IoT provides strategic, operational data for chilled water setpoints, load leveling, chiller sequencing, and peak demand management, etc

IoT, therefore, provides the entire tool system for such optimization by issuing an actual checking and verification procedure of power consumption for each chiller’s component.

IoT also collects, verifies, and confirms the data of the supply and return temperatures of the chilled water from the chiller.

It similarly keeps track of the flow rates of water from the water loop in the condenser.

At TopChiller, we design and manufacture high-performance air-cooled scroll chillers.

Depending on your unique specifications, we can tailor our air-cooled scroll chillers to your process requirements.

Contact us now for all your air-cooled chiller needs.

100% quality tested air cooled scroll chiller

100% quality tested air cooled scroll chiller

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