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TopChiller is supplying high quality MRI chillers,Medical chillers,MRI cooling systems for cooling all brands of MRI machines and CT medical equipments such as: GE, Philips, Siemens, Canon, Toshiba

TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of MRI chillers for you

  • MRI chiller cooling capacity 12KW to 168KW
  • Adjustable temperature control 5℃ to 35℃
  • Single/Dual/Triple refrigeration circuits available
  • Energy efficiency famous brand scroll compressors
  • Built-in #304 SS water pump and SS water tank
  • Smart control for energy saving&easy maintenance
  • Easy installation, operation, and lower maintenance cost
  • Cooling all MRI/CT machines&medical equipment

Your Premier MRI Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier Over 20 Years

MRI chillers/MRI cooling systems are devices that provide cooling for MRI machines,which specially designed and manufactured for cooling various all brand MRI machines(GE Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems, Philips Healthcare, and Siemens MRIs, and more), CT scanning machines, PET, linear accelerators, and other medical machines.

TopChiller is a professional MRI machine chiller and MRI cooling system manufacturer and supplier for over 20 years.

MRI chiller is used for keeping your MRI machine constantly chilled. An MRI chiller ensures your MRI machine can function properly even in the highest traffic environments.

It is critical that the MRI machine and CT equipment are functional and supported by a reliable water cooling system, this is where our MRI chiller takes function.

The application of using an MRI chiller is to provide a steady cooling source and maintain specific temperatures for a variety of components in an MRI machine system.

But why your MRI chiller needs a process cooling chiller?

MRI chiller is configured to ensure the normal operation of the MRI equipment cold head and the gradient system.

The cold head of MRI equipment is cooled by a helium compressor. The helium compressor uses water cooling. Its radiator is surrounded by cold water pipes.

The heat generated is finally cooled by the circulating cold water provided by the MRI chiller. The gradient amplifier and gradient in the gradient system.

A large amount of heat is generated in the coil, and this heat is also cooled by the cold water from the MRI chiller.

Each MRI chiller and other medical chiller system made by TopChiller features below advantages:

1. Highest grade materials: MRI chiller designed by Topchiller is with high-grade materials for maximum reliability and durability. Each product is with quality assurance and long-term warranty.

2. Superior Reliability: Our MRI chiller is designed to provide maximum uptime. They have an automatic city water switchover in case that the major MRI scanner cooling unit fails.

3. Eco-Friendly: MRI chillers from Topchiller use eco-friendly refrigerants in a closed-loop system. This allows your facility to conserve water, prevent corrosion, and ensure that your medical applications meet EPA environmental standardss.

4. Customized design: Do you need to design a custom MRI chiller? Our team is always up to the task. Whatever your application, engineers can provide a custom design to meet your needs.

5. Environmental friendly refrigerant is charged into our MRI chiller before delivery to your hand. These refrigerants include R407c, R134a, or R410a.

6. TopChiller MRI chiller with compact design, easy installation, and operation. no special training should be necessary to run our MRI chiller, Also very easy to do maintenance can save your money and time.

As a leading MRI chiller/MRI cooling system manufacturer and supplier in China, TopChiller has a full range of MRI chiller models/capacities to cool the leading MRI machine brand in the world.

No matter whatever MRI machine brand you are using, GE Healthcare, Hitachi Medical Systems, Philips Healthcare, and Siemens MRIs, and more, TopChiller is your best MRI chiller company here.

If you want to buy a new MRI chiller for cooling your MRI machine,

If you are searching for a reliable MRI machine chiller manufacturer to support your business,

Contact our medical chiller systems sales representative from TopChiller for more product information.

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General Description:

An MRI Chiller is a heavy-duty cooling unit used to achieve cooling for MRI machines to protect against high heat damage. It also acts as a backup cooling system in case of any electrical or mechanical fault occurs in the system.

It contains a safety component called a cold head responsible for converting helium into a liquid state after providing cooling to the magnet. This magnet plays a significant role in generating a strong magnetic field in MRI machines.

The MRI Chiller offered by TopChiller is made up of a high-quality evaporator, an efficient liquid helium compressor, a powerful condenser, and a cooling tower, majorly combining to provide a circulation pathway for the coolant.

You can use the MRI Chiller of TopChiller brand in various areas for cooling the magnets present inside MRI machines, CT scanners, radiation therapy cancer machines, and many more laboratory equipment.

TopChiller specializes in manufacturing and supplying premium quality MRI Chiller, an essential requirement of various medical devices. If you are interested in purchasing a cooling source for your MRI and relevant medical machines, TopChiller is a perfect option to go for.

To get details regarding the size, pricing, features, designing, and cooling power of an MRI Chiller, contact the professional customer support of TopChiller. We are ready to serve you.

TopChiller team can help you customize your MRI Chiller according to your medical industry applications. We are 24/7 available to entertain and sort out your queries with quick responses.

Features and Advantages:

An MRI Chiller designed by TopChiller comes with numerous features; some of them are mentioned below:

  • If the power supply is interrupted or activates a standard alarm, its built-in emergency bypass activates. This will lead to the closing inlet and outlet pipes and opening inlet and outlet water connections, resulting in a cooling effect.


  • Its refrigeration cycle reduces the high amount of liquid helium, a significant source of overall low power consumption.


  • MRI Chiller is designed to deal with very close temperature tolerances and extensive variations in the heat load.


  • The powerful and capacious chilled water system helps supply cool water to the system constantly, which helps in cooling the overall MRI machine. Also, it has an automatic city water switchover which aids in providing constant cold water to the machine.


  • All the refrigerant options working in a closed-loop system used in this chilling equipment are safe and friendly for the ecosystem. This ensures that MRI machine cooling system meets the standard medical requirements, saves water consumption, and is resistant to corrosion.
MRI Chiller Technical Specifications
Items                              ModelAC-0.5AAC-1AAC-1.5AAC-2AAC-2.5AAC-3AAC-4AAC-5AAC-6AAC-8ADAC-10ADAC-12ADAC-15AD
Cooling capacityKcal/h
 Input powerKW0.881.3522.252.663.274.075.756.458.2511.512.917.45
Max CurrentA5.48.21213.
Power source1PH~220V/3PH~220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic RotaryHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m3/h)750100015002000250030004000500060008000100001200015000
Air blower(KW)×20.14×20.19×20.19×20.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×2
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil / shell and tube type / Plate type heat exchanger
 Chilled water
Water tank(L)10.618.3272750506060110120200200270
Inlet/outlet pipe
(inch) i
Water pumpPower (kw)0.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.750.750.751.51.52.2
Max lift(m)22222222222222303025252528
Max flow (m3)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Dimension L(mm)550550600600720980980115011501350150015001860
Net weight(KG)45628595125152175185215283345382580
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, 12℃/7℃.Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, 33℃/38℃.Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.
MRI Chiller Technical Specifications
Items                               ModelAC-15ATAC-20ADAC-20AFAC-25ADAC-25AFAC-30ADAC-30ATAC-40ADAC-40AFAC-50ADAC-50AFAC-60AD
Cooling capacityKcal/h
Input powerKW17.121.732225.424.833.3933.144.9143.357.35465
Max CurrentA43.252.753.363.761.38180.2109106135.5128.5135
Power source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / Thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserTypeEfficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m3/h)150002000020000250002500030000300004000040000500005000060000
Air blower(KW)0.6×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.42×60.42×60.6×60.6×60.78×60.78×60.78×6
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil/ shell and tube type/Plate type heat exchanger
Chilled water
Water tank(L)270350350350350420420580580580580580
 inlet/outlet pipe
Water pumpPower(kw)
Max lift(m)282828282830303030323232
Max flow (m3)
Safety devicesCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Net weight(KG)58065065081081089089011121112132013201320
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Why TopChiller is Your Reliable MRI Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In China?

Experienced in MRI Chiller
Over 20 years rich experience of MRI chiller manufacturing offering a complete of MRI chiller designs and models to meet your requirements.
Full Solutions Provider
Our services including: MRI chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, quality controller, delivery, Keep advising not just manufacturing
Reduce Your Costs
With rich experience of making MRI chillers for your industrial applications can help to work out the correct MRI chiller suitable for your needs,our high quality MRI chillers will save your costs.
Top Quality Control
We always take good care of your MRI chiller order from design, raw material purchasing,manufacturing,testing and delivery to make sure all MRI chiller making process are under control.
Global Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell your nearest seaport or airport name, we can arrange your MRI chiller order at fastest shipping even can do door to door delivery.
No Worries Service
World business trip/ MRI chiller related exhibitions&fairs 2-3 times yearly can settle face to face meeting, 24*7*365 online service with fast feedback.

Help You to Find Other Types of Chiller Relevant to MRI Chiller

MRI Chiller-The Ultimate FAQ Guide by TopChiller.

What is an MRI Chiller?

An MRI Chiller is a device that controls the excess temperature produced by an MRI machine.

This excessive heat can be very dangerous for your MRI machine’s structure as well as its function. Therefore it is essential to get rid of this extra heat.

Based on the refrigeration cycle, including environment-friendly refrigerant, an MRI Chiller provides effective cooling.

It is your choice to use the Water Cooled MRI Chiller or the Air-Cooled MRI Chiller.

MRI chiller manufactured by TopChiller

MRI chiller manufactured by TopChiller

What are the Major Parts of an MRI Chiller?

An MRI Chiller comprises the following major parts:

  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Emergency bypass valves
  • Pumps
  • Expansion valves
  • Advanced temperature controller

All these parts collectively combine to complete the functions, so make sure that you keep every single part clean and maintained.

MRI Chiller High Quality Compressor

MRI chiller high quality compressor

What are the Specifications of an MRI Chiller?

Some of the main specifications of an MRI Chiller are mentioned below:

  • MRI Chiller is constructed using very high-grade materials.
  • The stainless steel composition guarantees longer life.
  • It has a completely independent and effective refrigeration system.
  • All the materials comply with the quality standards and certifications.
  • The use of eco-friendly components makes it safe for the environment.
  • The presence of safety alarms and detectors provides extra safety.
  • Most of the materials are corrosion-proof, which ensures longevity.

What is the Difference Between Open Loop and in Line MRI Chiller?

There are most commonly two types of an MRI Chiller which comprises of the Open Loop MRI Chiller and the In-Line MRI Chiller

An Open Loop MRI Chiller work by using continuous and constant fluid flow and circulation.

A significant point about it is that they mostly use water in place of air for providing a cooling effect.

An In-Line MRI Chiller contains an internal evaporator which provides a cooling effect to the circulating fluid.

It also comprises a pump that creates a connection between the under operation fluid and a remote tank.

In line MRI chiller

In line MRI chiller

What is the Most Suitable Compressor for an MRI Chiller?

You have a variety of compressor options that can be used in an MRI Chiller.

The basic working is similar for all the compressors, but still, the addition and omission of various features mark the difference between every type.

However, the compressor that works best for it, is the scroll compressor.

The biggest advantage of using the scroll compressors is that they result in minimum noise from your device, which is very convenient for the user.

Moreover, there is very little disturbance produced during the entire cooling process in case this compressor is used.

What is the Difference Between Water Cooled MRI Chiller and Air Cooled MRI Chiller?

The main difference between a Water-Cooled MRI Chiller and an Air-Cooled MRI Chiller is the main component that is completing the whole cooling process.

The Water-Cooled MRI Chiller uses water for getting rid of the extra heat from the machine.

It is mostly placed internally in a special room and makes sure that constant water supply is an essential factor here.

An Air-Cooled MRI Chiller uses air for controlling the temperature of the fluids.

You have to place it outside any room where there is a constant supply of fresh air.

Water cooled MRI chiller

Water cooled MRI chiller

What are the Common Sizes of an MRI Chiller?

There are following four sizes in which you can get an MRI Chiller:

  • 5 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 15 ton

The basic working will be the same for all the MRI Chillers but the presence of special features may mark one better than the others.

You can choose the one that has a suitable size that perfectly fits your requirements.

How does an MRI Chiller Work?

The basic purpose of using an MRI Chiller is to get rid of the extra heat that is produced from various medical equipment and devices.

The main target is to cool the MRI magnet that is producing magnetic fields.

A component called a cold head is present inside an MRI Chiller that cools this magnetic by condensing helium again into its liquid state.

For better performance and efficiency, you will find refrigerated air dryers and compressors also.

What Factors to Consider When buying an MRI Chiller?

Here are some essential factors that you must look for in an MRI Chiller before purchasing it:

  • Good quality
  • Long life
  • Efficient cooling
  • Strong construction materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple operation
  • Minimum maintenance

What is the Role of the Compressor in an MRI Chiller?

The main role of using a compressor in an MRI Chiller is to control the temperature of the circulating fluid.

Moreover, it helps in reducing or minimizing the noise or vibrations.

This thing makes it a suitable machine to be used inside hospital facilities, super comfortable for the patients.

What is the Function of the Condenser in an MRI Chiller?

The main function of the condenser of an MRI Chiller is to eliminate the extra heat from the refrigerant. Then this heat is thrown or passed onto the cooling water.

You will find a tank that plays a big part in increasing the residence time which is very beneficial in removing high heat.

MRI chiller condenser

MRI chiller condenser

What Sort of Fans is Present in an MRI Chiller?

There are specially designed fans present inside an MRI Chiller according to its function.

These fans don’t suck in the air via the condenser coil.

Moreover, these fans are protected against high heat problems that can be very damaging.

Also, you will be amazed to find them controlled with the PCB board based on the changes in the refrigerant pressure.

What is the Role of an Evaporator in an MRI Chiller?

The evaporator in an MRI Chiller draws the excess heat and passes it into the refrigerant that is circulating inside the system.

The presence of delivery systems aids a lot in this entire process.

MRI chiller evaporator

MRI chiller evaporator

What are the Applications of an MRI Chiller?

An MRI Chiller is used in the following industries for dealing with excess heat production problems:

  • Positron emission tomography scanner
  • Medical linear accelerators
  • CT Scan Machine

MRI chiller applications

MRI chiller applications

What are the Benefits of an MRI Chiller?

Here are some advantages of using an MRI Chiller:

  • MRI Chiller is safe and friendly for the environment, so you don’t have to worry about your environment’s health.
  • It has special safety alarms that will save you in various emergencies.
  • Using an MRI Chiller will save and increase the life of your medical equipment.
  • Every material and component used in its building is of good quality.
  • You have a wide variety of options to choose one suitable one for your usage.
  • There are different sizes and capacities meant for different applications.

What Things to Look for in the Manufacturer While Getting your MRI Chiller?

Here are some points that you must observe in the manufacturer before purchasing an MRI Chiller:

  • They must hold a reputable name in the market.
  • You should be given special guarantees and warranty offers.
  • Provision and guidance related to the user’s manual are necessary.
  • You should have a variety of options to choose from.
  • All the products must be designed specifically to stay protected against rusting and corrosion problems.
  • The design must be made according to the recent and updated safety standards.
  • There shall be the availability of professional manufacturers, guiders, and suppliers.

How to Install your MRI Chiller?

The very first thing is to properly read the entire installation manual so that you can easily understand the installation process:

  • Firstly, make sure that all the parts of your MRI Chiller are in the right place.
  • Then bring it to the location where you have to install it.
  • Now, carefully establish a connection between the outlet of the MRI machine and the inlet of your MRI Chiller.
  • Use stainless steel pipes to make way for water and refrigerant flow in it.
  • Now fix all the electrical connections with the help of an electrician.
  • Finally, adjust the specifications and mode of your MRI Chiller and you are ready to go.

MRI chiller installation

MRI chiller installation

What is the Checklist Before and During Installation of an MRI Chiller?

Here are some points that you have to keep in mind before and during the installation of your MRI Chiller:

  • Make sure that the surface where you are placing it is a plan and can easily bear its weight.
  • 1mm gap around the MRI Chiller is always recommended.
  • Always check the ambient temperature and make sure that you adjust it according to the suggested ranges as mentioned in the manual.
  • Always prefer a fresh air environment for installation.
  • Make sure that you keep it away from hurricane or storm conditions.
  • Never make any compromise on the good quality and stainless feature of the piping installed in your MRI Chiller.

How to Clean your MRI Chiller?


Cleaning the tubes of your MRI Chiller is necessary to ensure a proper and sufficient flow of fluids inside it.

If there is dirt accumulation in the pipes or tubes, it will become problematic for the fluids to circulate, hence affecting the overall function.

Unfortunately, dirt accumulates very quickly in your tubes, so make sure that you have an easy and rapid solution to this problem.

A water flush will work the best for cleaning both the straight and spiral tubes.

Cooling Tower

Dirt and slug accumulation in the cooling towers of an MRI Chiller is also a very common problem experienced by many users.

Cooling towers play a very major role in moving air through the water system with the help of a fan, so cleaning them is necessary for normal cooling.

The best solution is to use a cooling tower vacuum that will instantly suck away all the dirt or mud trapped in it.

MRI chiller servicing

MRI chiller servicing

What are Some Tips to Consider While using an MRI Chiller?

Here are some tips that you must consider while using your MRI Chiller:

  • Make sure that it is installed properly in a proper location.
  • Carefully read and understand the user’s manual.
  • Always make a call to an expert in case of any problem.

What are some Considerations Before Installing your MRI Chiller?

Some considerations before installing an MRI Chiller are mentioned below:

  • Make sure there are no damages or cracks in your unit.
  • Never use old piping, this can be dangerous.
  • Always assure that the pipes are clean and free of dirt or any fluid.

What are Safety Regulations Before Using an MRI Chiller?

Some safety regulations that must be considered before using an MRI Chiller are given below:

  • Never build any roof or shelter over your MRI Chiller.
  • Make sure that you never smoke near it.
  • Always keep the fire away from it.
  • Keep plastic straps can be harmful during unpacking.

Always keep the fire away from MRI chiller

Always keep the fire away from MRI chiller

How to Demount your MRI Chiller?

Demounting and MRI Chiller is the job of an experienced person which can be completed by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Every component of the MRI Chiller is recyclable so stay in touch with your local waste management facility to help you with this task.
  • For better recycling, you may also return the unit to your supplier.

How to Achieve Freeze Protection in your MRI Chiller?

Achieving free protection in your MRI Chiller is essential for its normal operation. You may use deionized, distilled, or even partially deionized water in it.

Some of the suggested anti-free products include the Antifrogen N and the DowTherm SR1.

Make sure that you never use any propylene glycol-based antifreeze solutions. Also, don’t forget to achieve the glycol rate range between 35 to 38 percent.

What are the Electrical Connection Requirements in your MRI Chiller?

Here is a list of some of the important electrical connection requirements in your MRI Chiller:

  • Make sure that you connect the power supply with the main switch placed inside the switch cabinet.
  • For the wires, always remember to get a minimum of 16mm size.
  • There is a specific hole for running the power supply, so make sure you don’t go out of it.
  • Only an experienced technician or electrician can perform the electrical connection job.
  • Using a water-glycol mixed solution in your MRI Chiller is essential before starting its operation.
  • Some of the requirements may vary depending upon your local area’s rules and regulations.
  • For connecting the cables, purpose-made ground clips are the best solution.

Electrical Connection of MRI Chiller

Electrical connection of MRI chiller

How to Properly Air Vent an MRI Chiller?

Here are some things to remember while air venting your MRI Chiller:

  • Make sure that you open all the valves, this will help in better circulation.
  • Now you have to fill your unit with a pre-mixed water and ethylene glycol solution starting from the lowest point.
  • Now use the automatic air vent to vent all the air in your MRI Chiller.
  • Throughout the process, make sure to maintain the suggested static pressure.
  • When all the air is vented, search on the pump for some time, and repeat the whole process.

What to Check Before Bringing your MRI Chiller into Service?

Here are some things that you must check before bringing your MRI Chiller into service:

  • Your MRI Chiller is not broken or damaged.
  • There are no cracks or leakages in it.
  • All the parts and accessories are available.
  • It comes along with the user’s manual so that you can understand everything easily.
  • It is clean and there is no dirt accumulation in it.

When Does the Pump of your MRI Chiller Stop Working?

The pump of your MRI Chiller will stop working when the pressure in the return line is much lower than the normal suggested range.

A very low-pressure difference at this spot will not affect its working.

Moreover, a VDF failure can result in the stoppage of the pumps.

MRI chiller pump

MRI chiller pump

What Happened when the Pump Performance in your MRI Chiller is Unstable?

In case the pump performance in your MRI Chiller is unstable, it will result in an operational pump.

This may occur due to blown fuses, supply failure, tripped motor protection, or even due to a circuit defect.

The solution to this problem is to first turn on the switch and check all the cabling and wiring connections.

You may replace the blown fuse or the defective circuit if required.

How to Troubleshoot your MRI Chiller?

Power Failure

In case your MRI Chiller undergoes any power issue due to any reason, you must call an expert electrician.

This is for your safety as well as for the unit’s safety.

Overloading Issue

In case the load on your pumps exceeds the normal, you can experience overloading problems.

Always call an expert for your help, to maintain the load.

Clogged Pipes

If the pipes in your MRI Chiller clog or break, the normal operation will be distributed, so make sure you replace or seal your pipes properly.

How to Increase the Efficiency of your MRI Chiller?

The key to increasing the efficiency of your MRI Chiller is to maintain an optimum level of everything.

For this, inspecting on a daily basis and trying to achieve the standard conditions is the best solution.

Moreover, don’t forget proper and timely cleaning and troubleshooting of it.

What are the Essentials Required for the Cleaning of the MRI Chiller?

Here are some essentials that will help you in cleaning your MRI Chiller:

  • Brushes
  • Chemicals
  • Descalers
  • Warm water
  • Tube cleaning guns
  • Powerful soap or detergent
  • Shiner
  • Rods

What is the Recommended Maintenance Procedure for an MRI Chiller?

There is always the need for proper maintenance, not only for the normal functioning but also for the normal structure of your MRI Chiller.

The first thing that comes in the maintenance is the daily inspection of your unit.

This will tell you about any problem going inside your unit, which if left untreated, can be dangerous.

Moreover, cleaning your unit externally and internally is a must for every owner.

Apart from this, always make sure that the refrigerant and temperature levels inside your MRI Chiller are neither too high nor too low.

Proper lubrication is essential to keep it protected from rusting and corrosion and also for allowing smoother operation.

MRI chiller maintenance

MRI chiller maintenance

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