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If it is your first time using a chiller or dealing with TopChiller company, you must feel unclear or doubtful.

This page will help you learn more about chillers and TopChiller products.

When are you searching for a chiller system or chiller supplier to cooperate? You may have some questions about the chiller or chiller system.

As a professional chiller manufacturer, TopChiller is willing to share more chiller knowledge with all customers.

Here are some answers regarding chillers listed below to solve your chiller problems.

We believe you will get a clear idea after going through the below FAQs.

About TopChiller Company

I have never heard of TopChiller brand before. Are you new brand in the market?

TopChiller was founded in the year of 1999, we are providing a line of chillers including air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers available for both industrial cooling and commercial applications.

We started to do international marketing in 2003, and TopChiller is a well-known chiller brand in China’s domestic market. Don’t worry about our chiller quality.

Where TopChiller factory located?

The headquarter of TopChiller is based in Hongkong, and we have an office and small factories for small chillers manufacturing in Shenzhen South China, and for big capacity/model chiller/air conditioning product design and manufacturing in the Dezhou City of North China.

Whats the advantages of TopChiller over other chiller brands?

TopChiller is a professional chiller manufacturer and supplier for over 20 years.

Rich experience, best price, reliable quality, high efficiency, fast delivery, and quick response with full technical support are the major advantages of TopChiller.

Can I buy TopChiller product from my local partner?

Yes, of course.

Till today, TopChiller has branches in the USA, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Chile. You can turn to our local partner if you have any chiller inquiries.

But we still advise you to buy a chiller from the TopChiller factory directly to save you cost and reduce the leading time.

Can TopChiller provide OEM and ODM service?

Yes, TopChiller is providing chiller OEM and ODM services based on your requirements.

You can send your logo, company name, design with full detailed requests, we can arrange to chiller manufacture accordingly.

How can be TopChiller agent or distributor in my country?

Thanks for your interest. Frankly, TopChiller has some agents or distributors in some countries and regions.

Please email us your company profile and all details to checking then we will contact you about the future process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I install my chiller?

The chiller location is typically outside on a concrete pad. Chillers can be installed on the roof of your building, but that requires a roof capable of supporting the chiller operating weight.

The chiller can also be installed indoors but make sure the ventilation is good especially for air-cooled chiller installation.

How to size a correct chiller for my application?

There are many variables involved with the sizing of your chiller.

Basically, we need to know the inlet/outlet water temperature, water flow rate, ambient temperature, and your application.

We have a support team ready to answer your questions to determine the suitable chiller to meet your demands.

How to make a choice between air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller?

The biggest difference between the air-cooled chiller and the water-cooled chiller is among the condenser types.

Let’s simplify this issue, do you need or have a cooling tower? If yes, You should go for a water-cooled chiller. If not, the air-cooled chiller is your choice.

Please turn to TopChiller expert to work out the most suitable chiller system for your application.

What’s the difference between industrial chiller and commercial chiller?

An industrial chiller is specially manufactured for some industrial cooling processes or industrial applications.

Commercial chiller is made for air conditioning or space cooling purposes.

This is the biggest difference between the industrial chiller and commercial chiller.

What kind of coolant/liquid for my chiller?

Generally, most chillers use water as the circulating liquid.

But for glycol chiller, the glycol mixture is a must.

And for some special industrial chiller, you need to use purified water.

For the oil chiller, hydraulic oil or lubrication oil is applied.

Which chiller or chiller system will work best for my facility?

If you are not sure what type or what size chiller system for your facility, please contact the TopChiller sales engineer.

Our technicians will help you to work out the right chiller system for your application…

We are providing chiller design, chiller size selection, chiller installation, and replacement, as well as the chiller maintenance to meet your need.

How many refrigeration parts inside a chiller?

Generally, there are four parts within a chiller. The main chiller components are the Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Expansion Valve. There are also must some necessary parts like the Power Panel, Controls System, and Water Tank.

Chiller Quote and Price Terms

How can I get a quote of your chiller?

If you want the price of a chiller, please email all your chiller requirements to: topchiller@topchiller.com, there will be a positive reply within 4 hours once we received your inquiry.

You can also call our cellphone or to add WhatsApp: +86-186-2034 0004 for an instant reply.

After email or call communications, our sales will quote you the price offer.

What is the lead time for made-to-order and stock availability?

For some standard chiller models like air cooled chiller/water-cooled chiller under 380V 3Phase 50Hz from 0.5 ton to 100 ton, we have stocks that can deliver within 3 days.

For some customized-made chillers under the customized power supply, refrigerant, dimension, and big capacity, normally the leading time is 4 weeks or 30 working days.

Can TopChiller assist with pricing and selecting a suitable chiller?

Yes – after full communication with you, we can understand your chiller requirements very well.

We can provide pricing and submittal documentation for any chiller opportunities that you uncover.

How are customized chillers priced?

Customized chiller price based on your specific requirements.

Please send us your detailed chiller request for specifications and pricing.

But don’t worry, the price we quoted is cost-based and reasonable.

What is the minimum number of chillers I can order?

You can order starting from 1 chiller unit and of course, you will get the best discounts if your chiller order quantity is big in one purchasing order.

What kind of price terms you can accept?

At TopChiller, we are all available price terms, including EXW, FOB, C&F, CIF, and Door door based prices.

You can select the most favorable price term for your side.

What’s your shipping method?

Frankly, most chillers are carried by sea shipment, but if you require our use chiller urgently.

We can also arrange air shipping to the nearest airport in your city.

Be aware, the cost of air freight is higher than sea shipment.

Is the shipping freight cost included?

Yes –If we agreed with C&F and CIF price terms, all freight is included in both the stock chiller and customized chiller.

Where are the chiller shipping from?

Our chillers are manufactured and stocked in the factory.

We are available in any terms of shipping from any seaport in China.

Beside TopChiller product, I have other cargo in China, Can you arrange shipment together?

This is no problem. We have much experience in handling cargo from different suppliers.

Just tell us the contact information of your supplier in China, we will get in touch with each other and arrange your cargo to ship out in one container.

In this way, you can save costs and more convenient to receive all items at one time.

My company has no import license, How can I get your chiller?

Don’t worry about this issue.

TopChiller has established long-term business relationships with the Top logistic companies for years.

Just tell us your address, we can arrange to do your local customs clearance and pay duty. This is the door-to-door service for you.

What’s the terms of payment you accept?

Our terms of payment are very flexible, Normally we can accept T/T, L/C, and Western Union.

What’s the packaged of your chiller?

Our chillers and all necessary spare parts along with chillers are well packaged in plywood boxes. These packages are very strong and Fumigation free.

What’s the warranty time for your chillers?

All TopChiller products covered with 16-18 months’ warranty time.

About TopChiller Product

How many chiller products you have?

Generally, our chillers are divided into air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, oil chiller, scroll chiller, screw chiller, glycol chiller, modular chiller, industrial chiller, portable chiller, and so on.

For different chiller applications, we have laser chiller, MRI medical chiller, plastic chiller, semiconductor chiller, and are available for more than 36 industries applications.

We believe there must be one type of chiller that is suitable for your application.

What is the chiller cooling capacity range of the TopChiller offering?

TopChiller is offering a wide range of various chillers from 0.5 ton to 500 Ton cooling capacity and the adjustable temperature control range from -35℃ to +35℃.

What type of compressor is used for TopChiller product?

For a 0.5 ton to the 85-ton cooling capacity chiller, we use a hermetic scroll type compressor.

For a chiller of cooling capacity above 100ton, we use a semi-hermetic screw-type compressor.

What’s the compressor brand using?

TopChiller has established a long terms business relationship with world-famous compressor brands.

For the scroll compressor chiller, we use Danfoss, Copeland, Sanyo, Panasonic

For scroll compressor chiller, we use Hanbell,Fusheng and Bitzer

What kind refrigerant is used for your chiller?

We have various refrigerants for your choice, besides R22, environmentally friendly, zero ozone depletion potential type refrigerant such as R410a, R407c, R134a are all available.

How many refrigerant circuits utilized in your chiller?

Refrigerant circuits based on your chiller cooling capacity. We have single, dual, and triple refrigerant circuits to meet your requirements.

What type of evaporator is utilized in your chiller?

We have 3 types of evaporators- stainless steel tank coils, brazed plate type evaporator, and falling film shell and tube evaporator.

These 3 types of different evaporators are based on your specific cooling requirements.

What type of condenser is used for your chiller?

For an air-cooled chiller, we always use a copper tube and aluminum fin style condenser.

But for a water-cooled chiller, we use a water-cooled shell and tube type condenser.

What is the maximum ambient temperature your chiller can operate?

For chillers used in high ambient temperature, we will charge R134a refrigerant to enable chiller normal running without high-pressure alarm. The Maximum ambient temperature can stand up to 65℃

Are corrosion resistant coatings available for the chiller evaporator and condenser?

Yes, we can make a corrosion-resistant evaporator and condenser for some special industries based on your critical environment and recirculating coolant.

Can tank and pump packaged chiller be provided?

Yes, for standard chiller, there are built-in water tanks and water pumps. Single and dual pumps, the external water tank, buffer tank, and cooling tower are also available.

Your chiller can be installed outdoor?

Yes, our chillers are water-proof design compliance with IP 55 that can be installed outdoor.

Do you chiller need specialist to operate and maintenance?

We will give you a hard copy of the chiller operation and installation manual. No need for specialists to do this job.

What should I do if your chiller gives alarm?

If a chiller alarm happened, take it easy. Cut the electricity and power off the chiller.

Please follow up on the troubleshooting in our operation manual.

If there is still a problem, You can consult with our after-sales service engineer for help.

Difficult Chiller Problems, You Can Turn to TopChiller Experts for Help

If you still have any questions about chiller products, TopChiller company, or chillers for your applications, you are always welcome to email us.

We are ready to help to solve your chiller problem accordingly. Please send us your questions to topchiller@topchiller.com, we will reply to you normally within 4 working hours.

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