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Chiller & Chiller System Manufacturer & Supplier
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Chiller & Chiller System Manufacturer & Supplier
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Your Premier Chiller&Chiller System Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Being the leading chiller manufacturing company since the year of 1999. TopChiller offers all types of chillers, chiller systems, and customizes various process chillers for our customers.

We design, manufacture, and supply a full range of chillers, chiller units&chiller systems used in both the industrial cooling processes and commercial applications.

With more than 20 years of experience in the chiller industry, we can proudly say our chillers are installed in over 68 countries and regions throughout the world, more than 40 industries have applied our different types of chillers.

Contact TopChiller sales now, buy our high-quality chiller to support your business today.

Our Chiller&Chiller System Industrial Applications Served

Chilled water or other cooling liquid from the process chiller for the industrial cooling process
Cooling plastic process machines: plastic injection molding, blowing molding, extrusion machines…
Precise temperature control for cooling your laser machines, Yag laser, CO2 laser, diode & fiber laser
Provide constant cooling water for all brands MRI machines, CT medical machines, and medical facilities
Welder chillers are used for cooling resistance welding machine, spot welding process
Highly precise control and effective liquid cooling for your semiconductor industry&facilities
Chilling milk within a short time of milking cows reduces the chances of spoilage
Keep yeast strains within their optimal temperature range when the fermentation process
Ice chiller/cooling system for hockey ice rinks, curling rinks, or outdoor skating rinks
Cooling your anodizing, electroplating, metal coating, the metal finishing process
Reliable source of liquid coolant for cooling laboratory, clinical, or industrial application
Provides process cooling in a harsh, explosive industrial, hazardous environment
For Cooling Beer Production, Fermentation Tanks, Brite Tanks, and Wort Coolers
Remove the heat gained from the food&beverage process, achieve proper temperature
Commercial buildings use HVAC chiller systems to dehumidify and cool the space
Cooling your ready-mix batching and precast concrete plants for construction projects
Cool your nutrient solution for hydroponic garden and vegetable plant in the greenhouse
lower the water temperature of the swimming pool to a refreshing and enjoyable experience
Using brine as the coolant to maintain a low-temperature coolant for critical application
Providing coolant for cooling all your CNC machines, CNC systems, and CNC tools

8 Key Points Why Buy Chiller, Chiller Unit, Chiller System From TopChiller

Experienced In Chiller
Over 20 years of rich experience in chiller manufacturing and our professional engineer team is offering the complete chiller designs and models to meet all your requirements.
Full Solutions Provider
Our services include chiller requirement communication, analysis, designing, manufacturing, quality control, chiller delivery. We always keep advising not just chiller manufacturing.
All Industries Served
With rich experience of different kinds of chillers/chiller systems for various industrial applications can help to work out the correct chiller suitable for your needs.
Top Quality Chiller
Always take good care of your chiller order from design, raw material purchasing, manufactured, testing & delivery to make sure all chiller-making processes are under control.
Global Chiller Shipment
No matter which country you are from, just tell your nearest seaport or airport, we can arrange your chiller order at the fastest shipping even can do door to door delivery.
No Worries Service
World business trip/ chiller related exhibitions and fairs 2-3 times yearly can settle face to face meetings, 24*7*365 online service with fast feedback.
OEM/ODM Available
TopChiller can provide customers’ OEM/ODM service ads using your company brand&logo. Besides our standard configuration chillers, we can also design and customize chillers based on your requirements.
18 Months Warranty Time
All TopChiller products cover 12 months of standard warranty time since your installation or 18 months after shipment. This makes all customers use our chillers freely without worries about the after-sales service.

If You Want Buy High-Quality Chiller&Chiller System, Send Inquiry Now.

CEO Note

Doing business is a mutually beneficial relationship. We manufacture good-quality chillers to support your business.

This is the harmonious business relationship between chiller suppliers and buyers that TopChiller has been pursuing.

There are thousands of good and bad chiller brands in the market. It’s our task and responsibility to help customers work out the most suitable chiller for their application.

TopChiller was founded to provide high-quality and reliable chillers/chiller systems for customers all over the world.

About TopChiller
Established in the year of 1999, TopChiller aims to offer a variety of capacities&models chillers and chiller systems to our customers worldwide.

Frankly speaking nowadays it’s not small money to buy a new chiller, we are thinking about how to make every penny you spend worth on your chiller purchasing.

TopChiller engineering team has rich experience to help you work out a suitable chiller unit or chiller system to meet your specific requirements. we always take good care of your chiller order from requirements communication, chiller design, raw materials purchasing, order manufacturing, quality control, package, delivery to your hand timely.

Our 365*7*24 full-time online service is also available to provide technical support and quick response when you have any problem during chiller installation and operation.

Besides the above, we have 18 months warranty time for all TopChiller products including free chiller spare parts with shipping cost. this distance service will make you feel TopChiller is the reliable local service supplier at your place.

If you really want to buy a high-quality chiller for a new plant? If you are looking for a reliable chiller and chiller system manufacturer to support your business? You are coming to the right place.

TopChiller is your best chiller choice. We have the confidence to satisfy our customers’ needs. Contact us today, and your chiller issues will come to an end with TopChiller

Successful Chiller & Chiller System Projects from TopChiller

Customize your Air Cooled Chiller & Water Cooled Chiller with TopChiller Now

Chiller Demand Analysis
Once received your chiller inquiry, we will contact you at the earliest time by email or phone call. We listen to all your chiller requirements and ask you some questions about the chiller including the chiller cooling capacity, your project site situation, which industry this chiller be used in? and so on…Based on your requirements and our communications, we can offer you the best solutions and ideas for choosing a suitable chiller&chiller system.
Chiller Design Evaluation
After having an email or call discussion about your chiller requirements, we will get a clear understanding of your request then forward all detailed chiller requirements to our engineering department, waiting for the design and solution to come out.
Chiller Price Quotation
After evaluating the chiller design, understanding your detailed chiller requirements, our engineering department will give you the right chiller solution based on your chiller inquiry. we will offer you a full chiller quotation including leading time, terms of payment, package details along with configuration, and technical specifications. This will help you to evaluate the whole cost, understand the cost from China to your hand.
Chiller Price Negotiation
once receive the price offer, You may have some questions about the quotation or chiller solution. The common questions such as shortening the delivery time, correcting the configuration, asking for a better price with a discount.. thcomingome to a deal, and waiting for your purchase order.
Chiller Order Production
After receiving your chiller order, we will organize purchase all the necessary raw materials including compressor, condenser, evaporator, water pump… TopChiller always takes good care of your order as much as our eyes from the beginning. Because we know the good quality materials are the base of the good quality chiller.
When all raw materials are ready, your chiller order is in production. We pay much attention to each production process and care for all details to make sure the quality.
Once your order is finished, we will deliver your chillers to QC departments for strictly testing before delivery to your hand.
Chiller Package & Delivery
During your order is in the production process, we will regularly update your chiller order status.
The finished chillers you ordered will be well packaged in some strong wooden box packages. As per the delivery terms, we agreed, we will deliver all cargo to your place by the sea or by air.
You will get all the shipping documents to claim your chiller when it arrived at your place.
Chiller Installation & Operation
There will be a hard copy chiller installation guide and chiller operation manual along with your chiller. When you received our products, you can read them carefully and do installation and operation accordingly.
You can also ask for a soft copy by email.
If there is any problem during your chiller installation and operation, please contact TopChiller right now, we are available to provide technical support anytime.
After-Sales and Re-order
We have 12 months warranty time covered TopChiller products can extend to 18 months depending on your requirements.
During this time, we will provide free technical support and spare parts to solve your chiller problem.No no fear of any trouble in the rear.
If you are satisfied with our chiller performance and need more chillers to extend your business, please contact our sales representatives to re-order.
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