CT Scanning chiller and MRI medical air cooled water chillers

CT Scanning chiller and MRI medical air cooled water chillers



Port:Shenzhen Port

Packaging:Wooden Case



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Laser / Lab / MRI/CT /welding / Semi conduct chiller is mainly applied for laser marker, laser engraving machine, laser welder, laser cutting machine, laser ink jet
machine, LED industry, lab testing machine, medical CT and MRI system etc., for maintaining required temperature of laser equipment,
so to ensure normal running.
• Large volume #316 SS storage tank and SS coil evaporator.
• Built-in high pressure stainless steel chilled water pump, ensuring water quality and pressure.
• Well-known brand exhaust fan with large volume, excellent heat dissipation and low noise.
• Precision filtering device can be offered upon request, including particulate matter filtration and deionizer, ensuring high cooling
water quality, extending laser and chiller's service life.
• Multi-protection devices: Flow switch, water pressure switch, acoustic and optical alarm system.
• Protection signal output: Water flow alarm signal output, water level alarm signal output, temperature protection alarm signal
output, ensuring laser and chiller running safely